Leo Reprises Role As Most Intense Actor Ever



In the 1820s, a group of frontiersmen are exploring the American wilderness, when Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is mauled by a bear and left for dead. He survives the attack, and now goes through incredible lengths to get revenge on the men who left him behind. While we all agree that this movie looks good, is it just another in a string of similar roles for DiCaprio? The Revenant opens in wide release Jan. 8.

JAIMIE: Leonardo DiCaprio needs to stop being so intense. Like, we get it, you can do things like play an agoraphobic (The Aviator), snort cocaine like a champ (The Wolf of Wall Street) and eat raw bison (The Revenant). But guess what? NO ONE CARES ANYMORE. Everything he does is so expected. You know what would be unexpected? Leo in a supporting role. Leo in a comedic role. Leo as anyone but Leo.

CHRISTINA: Leo as a romantic comedy lead? I would like to see that.

PAIGE: Would it be less difficult for Leo to play stupid? Like, does he even know how to be low-brow? I think it would be a cinematic achievement in and of itself for Leo to play against type and not give a transformative performance — because that in itself would be transformative. Boom. INCEPTION.

JAIMIE: You want to know why the Academy won’t give him an Oscar? It’s because he won’t take his pinky out of the air. Don’t get me wrong, I love Leo, but I think I much prefer the younger version of him. The one who played Romeo and whatnot, before Leo finally getting his Oscar became a thing.

PAIGE: The only talk we hear about this movie is how it will win Leo his long-coveted Oscar, finally. And he’s obviously putting a lot of effort into this. He’s gnawing into raw fish and frothing at the mouth and generally being the World’s Most Intense Actor Literally Ever. He wants this Oscar. He needs it. How many transformative roles does he have to take? How much real blood must he bleed?

CHRISTINA: I agree that it seems like Leo plays only intense roles all the time, but are any of these roles disappointing? He is always consistently amazing, and this movie certainly looks like no exception. Is it that bad being a one-trick pony if it’s a really good trick?

JAIMIE: If he wins an Oscar for The Revenant, I think I will be slightly disappointed. It’s like Hollywood will be rewarding him for just being intense.

PAIGE: Despite this harrowing trailer that promises a manly man adventure of real manliness, this seems boring. We’ve seen Leo do this before. It didn’t win the Oscar the last three times, so why would this be different?

JAMES: At this point, I wouldn’t expect anything less out the guy. I appreciate that he’s been going all Klaus-Kinsky, his mouth a pouring spout of blood and profanity, bearing some aspect of human nature you wouldn’t normally see. He’s really after something. The day he comes back around with a Meet The Fockers-style comedy will be a sad day, because that would mean he’s done working and taking risks. That he’d rather go for the easier payload, filmography be damned.