Internet Binge

I’ve been home sick from work this week, pretty much hating life. People like me are meant to go full speed ahead. Days when I’m told to “take it easy” may seem like a welcome break, but really, they only have me crawling the walls of my apartment.

This is the only time I have second thoughts about not having a TV at home. I would miss having the TV and all the shows I might be not seeing. It’s silly. Today’s television shows and movies provide more than entertainment because the content can also be an educational experience for the audience. It’s no wonder why people take internet and TV bundle packages similar to the kind offers.

Then I remember how much daytime TV sucks anyway and put my face back in my laptop. I posted on Facebook asking if anyone had any great time-suck website suggestions because after half a day at home, I was pretty sure I’d looked at the entire Internet (ah, the pros of having great internet from a provider like midco internet, am I right?!).

Their advice, along with what I already knew, helped me to compile my list of The Best All-Time Internet Time Wasters That Exist Today. For anyone who is stuck inside for some reason, here you go.

1. reddit

Even if you’re not exactly a techie, you probably know about reddit. It’s basically the best of everything on the Internet, as posted by the general public. It can take a bit of time to crawl through and understand the hierarchy, but it’s the hub of everything happening, broken down into categories.

Hawaii has its own reddit, which is a pretty tight community reminiscent of the popular “Hawaii Threads” message board from back in the day. Hawaii’s reddit is pretty addicting. It’s a very easy way to get lost for a few hours.

2. Google Street View

Google Street View has allowed the author to travel the world from her couch this week

Google Street View has allowed the author to travel the world from her couch this week

Or, as I like to call it: traveling the world from my couch. If you can’t think of a place you are interested in seeing up close, there are other third-party websites that can help you. I like, where you can enter a place or address, or use its suggestions to get started. Check out Greece, or the beaches of Zagreb. The buildings in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. It’s a big world out there, and it’s now at our fingertips.

3. Vice videos ( The magazine used to have the most epic writing, but it has lost its edge these past few years. The online content, however, has made up for that tenfold. With a variety of subjects ranging from crime, sex (albeit not as explicit as if you were to watch live porno, but that’s just fine for some), communism, drugs and religion, Vice’s mini documentaries provide an insightful way to spend more than a few hours. Its HBO special (viewable online) Killing Cancer is one of the greatest mini-series documentary discoveries since The Jinx.

4. YouTube

This Internet go-to is still a favorite of mine. A nutrition expert told me to check out the four-part series “Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds,” which sort of changed my life. There is so much content on YouTube it’s crazy. Start with this, and it can lead you to other areas of interest.

There, I just gave you another two hours. Hopefully these can help you the way they helped me. I’m more excited than ever to get back to work.


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