I’m on a boat (and in a bar)


The Waikiki Ocean Club Catamaran has colorful sails that you cannot miss, even all the way from the shore. According to its website, if you book this cruise, you will have the option of banana boating, jet skiing or scuba diving once the boat is anchored out at sea.

While those options sound fun, I experienced a different, boozier side of the catamaran: three fully stocked bars with cocktails sponsored by Bacardi, Coors Light, Miller Light and New Amsterdam, plus DJ Jimmy Taco of 102.7 Da Bomb, beer pong and a dance floor.

Dubbed Wet Beats, the party started at 2 p.m. (with no end time), yet we did not set sail until about 5 p.m. I had been expecting to leave once everyone was on the boat, so I was a little irritated at that. (The only plus was the nice tan I developed during the wait.)

We cruised out along Waikiki Beach until after the sun set around 7 p.m. Since it’s a long ride, I recommend purchasing meal and drink tickets. Tickets were $4 for one drink and $5 for one food item, including burgers and fries.

Bartenders are prepared to make essentially any basic well cocktail, such as cranberry vodkas and screwdrivers. Beer also is available. My favorite cocktail of the day was a pineapple juice and New Amsterdam concoction: a dangerous-yet-delicious choice for everyone because the vodka seemed non-existent (it wasn’t, as it turns out).

While this bar on a boat is no different than your average dive bar, the party that came with the ride is what makes Wet Beats worth the price.

DJ Jimmy Taco never stopped spinning, and every song he played was dance-worthy. The entire boat was crowded around his booth. Occasionally, the emcee would announce a dance contest, and a circle would start, with hopefuls twerking, breakdancing … or just flailing around. There was also a handstand contest, which was impressive to me because I couldn’t even stand on the boat from the rockiness.

Downstairs, beer pong went from day to night, and while there was no prize for winning except bragging rights, it was still fun to play on a boat. How many people can say they’ve played beer pong on a boat?

Wet Beats hosts its next boat party May 17. Tickets cost $20 online, $30 at the door, or $10 for students.