Hi, my name is Anton Glamb, and I’ll be your new columnist,” I wrote as I started my first column for Metro about myself. “You may be wondering,” I continued, “what a guy like me is doing in a publication like this. It’s a funny story, actually. I had just started medical school at University of Hawaii’s John A. Burns School of Medicine a few months prior, and I was in the middle of my first big exam period. During a break from studying, I began to pen this article. I began, ‘Hi, my name is…’ and after a few moments of typing, I arrived at this very point of the page where I began to tell you how I wound up here.

Although I grew up in Hawaii, I would never have imagined returning to this paradise. Five years ago, I had finished college out in New York City and was living a life of bewildering merriment as a DJ, nightclub promoter, rapper, music producer and alcohol aficionado. I had finally found a room in an apartment with a shower for under $500 a month in a good part of town — a true miracle. Even though I had to climb down a spiral staircase into a basement then up a ladder to a lofted storage area above a woodshop (and below the bathroom), I really felt at home. The piping running through the room gave it a treehouse feel, with metal branches full of waste. I lived with two DJs, a guitarist/music producer, a tattoo model and an artist.

Every night was an adventure, whether going backstage at the city’s coolest shows or getting free drinks at dive bars on the Lower East Side. Everything seemed to be going perfectly until I visited my sister on the West Coast. I remember watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean and thinking to myself, ‘Hot damn, I think I’d like to move out west.’


To test the waters, I decided to give New York a break and moved to Boston for a bit to give myself a chance to see what life outside of NYC was like. It was tight. I ate so much lobster I practically turned red. The music scene was super fun, and the classes at Harvard weren’t so bad. My landlord suddenly had to sell the apartment, so I decided to come back to Hawaii for Christmas early that year.

When I got back, I remember looking around and thinking, ‘Wow, this is really beautiful. This is the kind of place I could stay forever.’ At that moment, thoughts of elsewhere evaporated like the morning dew on a sunny day. It was a sunny day, and as the morning dew evaporated, I remember thinking, ‘This place has everything: the nightlife I crave, a great university, beautiful, ambitious women, and it already felt like home.

I decided I wanted to make it happen out here in Honolulu. This is the perfect city to find balance, to pursue a goal but still have a life and experience culture.

I hope to share with you some insights into the nightlife, art scene, underground party world, etc. I look forward to introducing you to a side of Honolulu you may not have experienced.”

Feeling satisfied with my introduction, I took a moment to look forward to the good times ahead. Then, I decided to stop typing.