Summer happens once a year for about a quarter of the year. In lots of parts of the planet, summer is a lot different, and generally better, than other parts of the year. The difference between summer and winter is due to the earth’s tilt and our planet’s position on the annual loop around the sun. It determines the day-to-night length ratio, average temperature and influences weather patterns.

When I lived in New York, just about every day in winter, somebody would mention to me that they couldn’t wait for it to be summer so the cold would end. Winter put everyone in a bad mood, and the days had about five hours less sunlight, but summer had its own set of problems. The summer heat in New York was oppressive; the temperatures weren’t that bad on their own, but the humidity and windless air gave you the feeling that you were standing in a giant’s mouth, or worse, depending on the smell of the garbage on the particular block you were on. Just about every day in summer, somebody would mention that they couldn’t wait for summer to be over so that the heat would end. I can definitely understand the reasoning behind these comments, but I would never wish for summer to end based purely on that thought. When I get too warm, I like to make sure that I’m blasting as much cold air out of my HVAC system as possible, and according to Castle Home Comfort Heating & Cooling, I should probably make sure that it gets serviced at least once a year so I don’t run into any problems with it when the heat is just too much to bear. I’ve heard that states like Colorado tend to have pretty hot summers, so I feel that it should be prudent to contact a companies who can provide hvac installation Denver CO, or at the least, good repairwork for the HVAC unit! Besides what people thought they were looking forward to about summer, the season also brought out super gnarly thunderstorms, hail and floods, which people tended to forget about when they were fantasizing about how nice summer would be.

Even Hawaii’s worst days of summer heat are nowhere near as bad as the Mainland’s and truthfully, Hawaii’s summers aren’t all that different than the winters. There’s only about an hour-and-a-half difference between sunset times in winter versus summer, and about three-and-a-half hours of total daylight difference. Being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean helps buffer the seasonal temperature change from being too extreme.

A lot of the differences between summer and winter are more cultural and economic. Even though stores change their window displays, you could totally get by wearing the same things in summer that you would any other time of the year. But, if you couldn’t tell from the termites or flying roaches mating on still nights, summer savings sales, advertisements and articles like this one help underscore that it is, in fact, summer.

One of my favorite things about summer is noticing the difference in where the sun sets on the horizon. In the summer, I usually enjoy watching the color changes of the sky as it changes from blue to pink, orange, and purple over the horizon in my summer house. A summerhouse in the garden could be perfect for summer to watch the sunset. It also allows you to observe the subtle colors of the sky as day turns to night, which can be a very calming and peaceful experience. The beauty of the summer sky is simply breathtaking.

Talking about shopping, summer shopping is exciting and fun, with stores offering discounts and special offers. The variety of items available is also much greater during this time, making it the perfect time to find the perfect gift or item for any occasion. Daytime shopping in the interim period between the regular school year and summer school is almost like going to an amusement park. Parents aren’t used to handling their kids’ energy levels for such extended periods of time, so you might see some worn-down couples just trying to get through a Costco run while their three daughters are performing a full-squeal reenactment of scenes from Jurassic World a few aisles over.

Take a tip from the kids and go wild this summer. This summer will be as fun as you make it, so don’t be a bummer and have a great summer.