Ahi Limu, Furikake Salmon and Spicy Ahi. JAIMIE KIM PHOTO

Ahi Limu, Furikake Salmon and Spicy Ahi. JAIMIE KIM PHOTO

1129 N. Nimitz Hwy. Honolulu, HI
Phone number
(808) 540-1377

Hear me out on this: Nico’s Pier 38 is the best breakfast spot on this island. The best.

I always find parking as soon as I turn into the lot. I never have to wait in line to order or to find a table. Whatever I do order is ready almost immediately. It’s quiet and breezy, bright and open. Leisurely.

I love it. So much so that I’ve gone to Nico’s for breakfast every weekend for the past three weeks.

Now, Nico’s does have a standard breakfast menu, complete with items like Pancakes, Fried Rice and a Loco Moco, as well as a Fish Omelette, and Fish and Eggs.

Shoyu Ahi, Spicy Ahi and Spicy California. JAIMIE KIM PHOTO

Shoyu Ahi, Spicy Ahi and Spicy California. JAIMIE KIM PHOTO

I’ve sampled all of these and enjoyed each one. The pancakes are light and fluffy, and lilikoi butter adds some rich fruitiness. If you’re feeling particularly hungry, the Fish and Eggs are tender, savory and filling.

All of it is very good, yes. But here’s what I look forward to: a poke bowl.

There is nothing better in this world than digging into a poke bowl first thing in the morning. The one at Nico’s comes loaded, too, and all for only about $10.

Poke bowls at Nico’s come in one size with an option for either brown or white rice. Then you get to choose up to three different types of poke to top it all off.

I’ve locked down my usual picks to Shoyu Ahi, Spicy Ahi and Spicy California. Other options include a Shoyu and Spicy Marlin, as well as Limu and Onion Ahi, and Furikake Salmon.

The quality of the fish is almost always superb. As it should be, considering Nico’s is located right next to Honolulu Fish Auction.

Plus, the best thing about Nico’s is that as good as it is for breakfast, it’s also great for lunch and dinner. And with a bar in the middle of the room, I’ve always found it to be a nice spot for some relaxing day-drinking.

Mads Mikkelsen


NBC series Hannibal has been off-air now for almost a year — one incredibly long almost-year.

It really was one of the better TV shows I’ve ever watched on basic cable. The casting was perfect (minus forever-in-the-way Dr. Alana Bloom), the imagery was wickedly captivating and somehow, in the midst of all that gore and angst, I always found myself craving whatever cannibalistic meal Hannibal Lecter was treating his guests to.

You just have to watch the show to believe me.

Everything always was so impeccably prepared. So much so that even when Hannibal feeds Will Graham a plate of scrambled eggs with what looks like sausages but is assumed to be, well, human, I wanted it. I wanted it so bad.

All that good-looking food is the work of artist Janice Poon. And much to the delight of myself, and I’m sure other Hannibal fans, she has documented the work she did for every episode of the show. You can read all about the challenges she faced in trying to create what looks like brain but isn’t and more at her blog,