Local Farm Eggs Flat Omelette JAIMIE KIM PHOTOS

Local Farm Eggs Flat Omelette

Though I expected my future in food might be unimaginative and grim, it really has been the complete opposite.

If you’re only tuning in now, by the way, here’s a quick update: This former eat-everything girl has been sticking to a pretty strict doctor-mandated low-FODMAP diet. The easiest way to describe it is that it closely resembles a vegan or vegetarian diet — but with even more rules and restrictions, if you can imagine that. But even without red meat, shell-fish, fried foods, sweets and, well, a lot of other really great things, eating has remained exciting. It’s pushed me to discover new textures and flavors and, yes, restaurants.

My most recent find took me to Heavenly Island Lifestyle in Waikiki, located in Shoreline Hotel. The entire experience was worth writing home about — or in my case, here, for all of you to read.

Despite a packed dining room and outdoor lanai, the wait time — about 20 minutes on a Sunday morning — went by quickly. Then there was the fast and friendly service once we were seated, too.

Heavenly offers seating in a main dining room, as well as at a bar, communal table and outdoor lanai PHOTO COURTESY HEAVENLY

Heavenly offers seating in a main dining room, as well as at a bar, communal table and outdoor lanai PHOTO COURTESY HEAVENLY

But let’s talk food.

Feeling hungry, I ordered Heavenly’s Morning Veggie. It was a pretty luxurious breakfast platter that came packed with various dishes. The first was a Kale and Organic Quinoa Salad (other options included a Local Farm Green Salad and Organic Beans Salad). Eating kale and quinoa, especially together, still is not my most favorite thing in the world. But the portion here was the right amount — as in, there wasn’t so much I started to choke up. Plus, the ginger-based dressing was light and slightly sweet.

Also included in the platter was a mini acai bowl — seriously, so good — two slices of English muffins (whole wheat and taro) and a cup of fresh juice.

A quick note about the juice:

It was obviously carrot based, and I also got notes of ginger and pineapple, too. Now, I really am not someone who believes it is easier to drink vegetables rather than eat them. However, whatever Heavenly made I was surprisingly OK with — OK enough, at least, that I drank the whole thing.

Heavenly's Morning Veggie

Heavenly’s Morning Veggie

My breakfast mate that morning opted for the Local Farm Eggs Flat Omelette. Served with sweet potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, a salad, English muffins and a requested side of Portuguese sausage, it was quite a bit of food. But the person eating it — truthfully, my fiancé who has a rather large appetite — said it didn’t leave him feeling heavy or weighed down for the remainder of the morning. (I also snuck in the teeniest bite of egg, and found it to be warm, light and fluffy.)

For the hour or so that we were there (really, everything moved so efficiently), the crowd waiting to be seated never seemed to wane. Don’t let that deter you, though, because it is well worth the wait.

P.S. Heavenly also serves lunch and dinner — I’m already making return plans — and the restaurant is gearing up to change its menu a little within the coming weeks. Perhaps all the more reason to return and share about it with all of you, methinks?


FEELIN’ GOOD Seriously, everything on the menu at Heavenly is, well, heavenly GOOD VIBRATIONS Expect a chill, laidback experience