SALT at Our Kakaako
685 Auahi St.
Phone number (808) 367-0264

New year, new me? Eh.

Sure, I plan on losing a few pounds and toning my body at some point before my wedding this summer. But I don’t plan on driving myself crazy doing it.

Boost is one of many cold-pressed juices available at Juic'd Life JAIMIE KIM PHOTOS

Boost is one of many cold-pressed juices available at Juic’d Life JAIMIE KIM PHOTOS

I have, however, been focusing on the smaller things — things like drinking more water, cutting back on sweets, and simply putting more effort into watching what I eat. I know, I know, it doesn’t sound like much — but, hey, at least I’m trying.

So, earlier this week, my mind wandered to Juic’d Life. Metro featured Juic’d Life in a business profile several months ago (find the story at, and I’ve visited a few times since for cold-pressed juice and acai bowls.

Acai Bowl

Acai Bowl

There’s a lot that I like about Juic’d Life — its convenient location at SALT at Our Kakaako especially. And it makes a damn good acai bowl — light and smooth, the acai is not prone to melting so fast like others.

But perhaps the biggest draw of Juic’d Life is the unlimited toppings. The 20-ounce acai bowl itself — along with other bowl options that include Acai Greens, Acai Rice Protein and Prickly Pear — are only $8.50. Everything else, such as toppings that include bananas, strawberries, bee pollen, honey and granola (my personal favorites) are included.

Then, of course, there are its cold-pressed juices. For those who know what they want, Juic’d Life offers made-to-order juice. For beginners like me, who kind of just read the list of fruits and vegetables and try to determine whether it’ll taste good or not, pre-made juices also are available.

I’ve sampled a few so far and I think my favorite is Boost. Made with apple, pineapple, kale, spinach and mint, it’s slightly tart but mostly sweet. Better to feel like you’re drinking fruit juice than vegetable juice, right? Another I’m a fan of is Refresh, a combination of lemon, strawberry, pineapple and mint.

There is one must-try item on my list at Juic’d Life, though I think it’s going to take some courage: a little bottle of pure ginger, sort of like a ginger shot. I imagine it’d do wonders for my finicky digestive system, but I also expect it must burn something fierce going down.

So for now, I think I’ll just continue taking little steps.


You know, I still have my reservations about how special 2017 might end up being. But at the very least, and for right now, Maui Brewing Company is giving us a little something to look forward to.


Out today in markets where the local company’s products may be found is a limited-release brew: Lemongrass Saison.

I’ve only ever had one lemongrass-flavored beer and it was memorable. I remember it being light and crisp and wonderfully citrusy, so my expectations are high for this one.

If it’s piqued your interest as well, I recommend moving quickly. I still can’t get over fact that I never did get my hands on a can of that POG IPA.


FEED ME Along with bowls, Juic’d Life also offers salads DRINK IT FAST Juices are unpasteurized, so they’re only good for a day or two