La Tour Salad

La Tour Salad

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For a long time, I only stopped in at La Tour Café for its macarons.

They are, I think, the best on this island.

Is that basic of me? I don’t care. Other boutique bakeries certainly have put forth their best efforts, but none have come close to edging La Tour out of its first-place spot — at least in my book.

I think it all boils down to consistency. I know without a doubt that when I bite into a La Tour macaron, it will be soft and chewy and sweet, with a feeling so silky and smooth. Plus, and most importantly, I can count on flavor descriptions matching the taste of each macaron. Mango absolutely is mango, and Birthday Cake is exactly like biting into a celebratory slice.

Assorted macarons

Assorted macarons

But surprise, surprise: The food at La Tour is not bad either. The Crispy Chicken sandwich is rich and flavorful, packed with crunchy coleslaw that engages all the senses. The French Onion soup, despite it being a light accompaniment, is warm and filling. And there’s no forgetting those macarons. (Dessert is food.)

Me? I often go for something rather simple: the La Tour Salad. Nothing special to see here, just greens topped with curly carrots and halved cherry tomatoes. But I have never ever had wilted lettuce, and the balsamic vinaigrette it comes with is tangy and addicting.

It’s a decently sized salad that is more than enough on its own. Though if you’re anything like me, ordering a salad is just another way to ensure you sample something else, too — you know, in case you’re still hungry.

Fish & Frites

Fish & Frites

In which case, I highly recommend the Fish & Frites. It’s a deceptively simple dish that requires fish remain tender while the batter is light and crispy — something La Tour achieves. Also, look forward to chunks of pickles in the tartar sauce and a heaping portion of fries.

So I hope you’ve realized by now that a trip to La Tour not only is justification for a great meal but also, seriously, the greatest macarons ever.


Now is as good as any for a bit of surrealism, am I right? Just in time for the holiday season is Dali: Les Diners de Gala — a reprint of a cookbook Dali published back in 1973.

Dali and his wife apparently were known for hosting elaborate dinner parties. So look forward to indulgent dishes in this gem with 136 recipes to choose from that include illustrations by Dali himself.

If the excerpts are anything like the rest of the book, expect meals that are, well, just about as illustrious and imaginative as you’d expect them to be.


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