280 Beach Walk, Honolulu
Phone number (808) 922-1500

At bills Hawaii, there’s a heavy emphasis on using the best ingredients, and its grass-fed organic char-grilled rib eye (10 oz. of meaty goodness, plus a side of fries) is evidence of that. Upon that first slice into the beef, you know it’s going to be great: Your knife glides effortlessly through the striations of meat that’s almost buttery in texture. New to this dish is a ponzu sauce that creates a clean balance between the rich, heavy profile of the rib eye. The recommendation is to try a bite of rib eye without the sauce first, and then with. You’ll be glad you did — it’s like getting two rib eye dishes in one. Onions and watercress served on the side make for a nice crunchy texture that adds a lightness to each bite. Pro tip: Pair it with a glass of Mondavi cabernet, and drink to your heart’s delight.


1430 Kona St. #101, Honolulu
Phone number (808) 943-1430

Let’s skip talking ramen for a moment, OK? Manichi has good ramen. Let’s talk about Manichi’s award-winning gyoza. Gyoza is simple, but hard to perfect. The pork and cabbage has to be well proportioned; the outside has to be chewy and crispy, all at once. Manichi does it right. The only thing you have to decide is what you want on top of yours. We like a heap of green onions ourselves, but we’re also partial (on our more indulgent days) to the Garlic Butter Shrimp Gyoza, which comes with a topping exactly as described. There’s also spicy miso, cheese and, of course, plain options.