Forked Up

1960 Kapiolani Blvd. #214 Honolulu
Phone number (808) 946-2900

There’s ramen, and then there’s paitan ramen. And if you’re craving that collagen-rich, silky smooth broth, there’s only one place to get it: Yotteko-Ya. This little ramen shop, tucked in the corner of McCully Shopping Center, always has chewy Japanese-style noodles and melt-in-your-mouth char siu. The highlight is Kakuni Paitan Ramen — where you forgo slices of char siu for a chunk of it — but that’s normally all sold out by the time most people are sitting down for dinner. If Yotteko-Ya has it, get it. It may seem overly decadent, but we’re telling you: Go big or go home.


1423 10th Ave. Honolulu
Phone number (808) 203-7685

Caution: This pork bowl is so rich that you’ll probably need to go running afterward to burn off all that guilt. And then you’ll be back the next day for another one. It’s deceptively simple, with white rice topped with savory, oh-so-soft pork and a single tempura-fried soft-boiled egg. How did Your Kitchen deep-fry an egg while keeping it soft-boiled? We don’t know either, but it is amazing. (Yes, you can order extra eggs with your meal.) There are other tasty things on the menu, like the Japanese-style hamburger, but seriously, pork is where it’s at.