Enjoying A Chocolate Negroni


Located next to Leeward Bowl in Pearl City, eight50 specializes in craft beer and whiskey. According to bartender Tony Kile, the Chocolate Negroni is “a nice delicate drink.” “It’s almost whiskey inspired,” he says. “I thought of what other whiskey amaro cocktails are out there, and just started experimenting. I started with sweet and built it up from there.”

Where do you draw your cocktail inspiration from?

“I draw inspiration from the history of mixology and liquor and its play on Americana. The Prohibition era was a time where cocktails didn’t taste the best, but they were learning on how to make it more palatable.”

What makes the cocktail menu here special?

“All of our cocktails here are built from the ground up with the ingredients in mind. We make very friendly, easy-to-drink beverages that are very balanced.”