Brewing Up Pau Hana Fun


Sometimes (most days?), all you want after a long day at work is a nice, cold beer, or a creative cocktail, or, on particularly tough days, multiple servings of both. That’s why it’s important to have a quality pau hana spot on hand. I recently stopped by Brew’d Craft Pub, located at 3441 Waialae Ave., and found it to be a strong contender.

From the outside, you might walk right past the unassuming joint. But inside, it opens up into a cozy space packed to the brim with character. Lined with whimsical chalk drawings and an aesthetically pleasing bar stocked high with all your favorite booze and craft beers, Brew’d is open Monday-Saturday from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. and offers happy hour from 4 to 6 p.m. daily.

I grabbed a seat at the bar and immediately started chatting with the bartender to ask what her drink recommendations were. Though Brew’d offers a tremendous craft beer selection, I was ready for a cocktail. She directed me to the Belgian Drop (pictured), if I was looking for something sweet and refreshing.

A blend of Pinnacle Whipped Vodka, fresh orange juice and fresh lemon juice, topped with Coronado Brewing Company’s Orange Avenue Wit, it sounded divine to me! (Note that cocktails vary based on what beers are on tap.) The drink was served in a chilled martini glass and honestly, I couldn’t even taste the alcohol. Convinced it wasn’t strong enough, I asked for a stronger second round and was not disappointed. (I stood up to take a photo and knew that the first one likely wasn’t as weak as I had thought.)

It was happy hour and the mixed drinks were only $6, so I ordered a Kentucky Farmhouse for my third and final round before heading to Town restaurant across the street for dinner. The bourbon-based beverage is mixed with fresh lemon juice and honey syrup — all topped with a farmhouse-style ale. I was convinced it would be too sweet with the syrup, but the blend of flavors proved to be a perfect combination.

At this point, I was slightly disappointed I had reservations elsewhere, because Brew’d offers small plates and food specials that looked and smelled delicious! I’ll definitely be back for the drinks … and the pupus.