The fifth installment in the series that began in 2003, Underworld: Blood Wars picks up with Selene, a vampire trained to kill violent werewolf clan the Lycans. This time, Selene fights to end the war between the two groups for good. At least, we think that is what is going on. We’re kind of confused, and unless you’ve been following this long-running franchise (too long?), you probably will be, too. Underworld: Blood Wars opens in wide release Jan. 6.

JAIMIE: The most ridiculous part about having to watch this trailer is that before I could get to it, YouTube made me watch a shorter trailer of this very movie.

JAMES: I’m an outsider on the whole lycanthropes vs. vampire mythology, but why the bad blood?

PAIGE: I’ve never understood the enmity between vampires and werewolves either, mostly because their mythological paths really should never cross. What does a vampire care what a werewolf is doing? Like, maybe it’d be a problem if a vampire bit a werewolf, but even then. It’s not something to go to war over.

CHRISTINA: I have never seen any of the Underworld movies, and I was kind of confused. There seemed to be a lot of just action for the sake of action, and I was unclear why any of it was happening. I didn’t understand the war between the two groups, or her backstory. At this point, I would definitely not jump into the series.

NICOLE: Underworld is one of those franchises that I can totally get behind. I know that people think it’s boring and follows an old storyline that isn’t doing anything different, but I still really enjoy the movies — I’m also sure this is why Blood Wars is the final installment. I do want to see Selene (Beckinsale) reunite with her daughter, but I think I only got a glimpse of her in the trailer. Also, Kate Beckinsale still looks great.

CHRISTINA: I agree that Kate Beckinsale looks amazing.

PAIGE: We should be glad on behalf of Kate Beckinsale that she’s anchored the franchise for so long without getting rebooted out of existence as “too old.”

JAMES: I might be nitpicking details in a trailer for a series I’ve never seen, but the color palette is dull and monochromatic. I know it’s supposed to be dark and atmospheric, but it’s like they slapped a blue filter over every scene.

JAIMIE: I can’t believe they are still making more films for this series. I’m pretty sure this came out when I was in middle school? Which at this point makes it very ancient. I never could get into Underworld — vampires and the like are not really my thing — and it looks like you really need to know what is going on to watch the latest installment. So, I think pass.

CHRISTINA: I’m also shocked that they are still making these movies. I had no idea that they were on FIVE already. I don’t even remember hearing about three and four, and I am thinking there is probably a good reason for that.