Baby’s Day

By Rod Martin


Hey little one, how was your day?
Too young to crawl, to draw, to play.
What did you do, girl, give me the scoop?
“Same as yesterday, eat, sleep and poop.”

Just a few weeks old and cute as a button.
Don’t tell me you just lazed around
Not doin’ nothing. Did you learn new things?
Make memories to keep?
“Hard to say when you just
poop, eat and sleep.”

Well, you just keep on growing
You’ve got all the time in the world
We love just to watch you and hold you
You’re such a good girl
It’s a wonderful world
With so many nice people to meet
But for now little girl
You just poop, sleep and eat.

Rod Martin is a former English teacher who enjoys writing poems, novels, songs and musicals. You can find examples of his art by searching Rod Martin and Friends on iTunes and YouTube.

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