Another Horror Flick, Another Creepy Child



A widowed mother runs a séance business in which she relies on her two young daughters to help her fool the customers into thinking it’s all real. But when she brings an Ouija board into the house, they accidently channel some real spirits that possess her youngest daughter. We have mixed feelings on this one. While some of us couldn’t even get through the trailer without getting scared, others think it’s mostly too hokey.

Ouija: Origin of Evil opens in wide release Oct. 21.

NICOLE: OK. No. NO NO NO NO NO. I think there is no way in hell I am watching this movie. And now I am going to watch cute cat videos.

PAIGE: This movie doesn’t really seem scary, though. It just kind of seems like … The Omen? Only not as scary and actually kind of lame with mediocre special effects. “Let’s just capitalize on how scary children are,” someone said. “People don’t expect little blonde-haired, blue-eyed girls to be demons.” Except that we do. So the movie isn’t even innovative there.

NICOLE: Children in horror movies just are not OK for me. Ever. It’s her creepy-ass eyes. Did they digitally make them bigger? Windows to her black soul.

CHRISTINA: I know it’s a cliché but I just cannot watch movies where there are creepy children. For some reason, it scares me so much more than regular adult murderous villains. I am conflicted on how I feel about this movie. On the one hand, it looks pretty lame. But on the other hand, there were certain visual elements, like the way the little girl is moving around when she’s possessed, that freaked me out.

JAIMIE: The possessed little girl doesn’t even come off as even remotely creepy. I don’t know what it is about the movie/trailer, but I can’t take any part of it seriously. We’ve seen people bending backwards, choking in their sleep and climbing up walls and things like that before. Which really is a shame. Because if you are going to have a movie that centers around a possessed child, it might as well be a creepy one — which like, really, is it that hard to find a creepy child? Most of them are creepy without even trying.

PAIGE: I thought this movie was going to be a comedy but then that trailer took a turn for the worse. Never has a horror trailer done such a blatant switch-and-bait. I think a comedy about scam mediums would be a good movie, though. It would have been different. Just saying.

JAIMIE: I would have been excited about the initial premise of the movie. I can see a movie about scam artists who scare people being potentially funny with the right writers and actors. Sadly, that is not what this is — though honestly, I found a lot of the clips from the film pretty hilarious.