Action Flick Looks Like A Disaster



When Casey (Nicholas Hoult) finds out that his girlfriend Juliette (Felicity Jones) needs an emergency surgery, he returns to his seedy past in order to pay for it. But things go awry when druglord Hagen (Anthony Hopkins) gets involved. There are so many things in this trailer that look terrible, and we’re torn on whether the cast can redeem it. Collide opens in wide release Feb. 24.

PAIGE: Well … that escalated quickly. He can’t handle lying in the snow for 15 seconds, but he can handle leaping off a moving truck onto a moving car? OK.

JAIMIE: This movie looks HILARIOUS. Like, truly, that was the pick-me-up I needed today. What the hell exactly is going on?

NICOLE: So … she almost died because she played in the snow? Oh, a kidney transplant. I understand now. I still feel meh about this movie. It seems very predictable. She’s dying, he goes on a brave rampage to save her, she lives, they live happily ever after.

PAIGE: This trailer had a “plot twist!” moment every four seconds. It was wild. It’s probably going to be an awful movie. That’s always a sign.

NICOLE: I’m not super into Felicity Jones. It’s not that I dislike her, I just have no feelings about her. Because of that, this movie is just meh.

PAIGE: When are we going to stop making Nicholas Hoult happen? He’s not going to happen. He’s been in like, how many different franchises, to no avail. He always gets shown up by the Michael Fassbenders and Tom Hardys of the world. Stop trying to make fetch happen, Hollywood. I also am literally not able to recognize Felicity Jones from role to role. This is the same girl who was in Rogue One, right? I would not have been able to tell you that just based on her face.

JAIMIE: Truthfully, though, this movie looks terrible. I, like Paige, find Nicholas Hoult and Felicity Jones so generic I can’t even be bothered to care. What are Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley even doing in a movie like this? Were the pickings SO slim that they had to resort to … this really, really special movie?

CHRISTINA: I guess I am in the minority in that I actually think this looks all right for an action flick. I’m not usually into action movies, so I probably won’t see this, but I thought it looked tense and high-stakes enough for it to be decent. This also may have to do with the fact that I like the leads, which no one else seems to. I do like Felicity Jones a lot. Rogue One, The Theory of Everything, Breathe In — she’s been great in all of those.

PAIGE: I will say that Anthony Hopkins is totally down to do any kind of trash role in his old age, and he still manages to come off as menacing even when he’s clearly phoning it in. He’s doing better than Robert De Niro, at least. Meanwhile, Ben Kingsley slowly inches down the Johnny Depp self-caricature path…

NICOLE: What would be crazy is that if he couldn’t get the money and dies while trying, so she dies — and they both die without knowing if the other one had lived or not. That seems plausible, since her name is Juliette.