About Time For Franchise Finale



In what is supposedly the last installment of the franchise, Resident Evil: Final Chapter sees zombie apocalypse survivor Alice (Milla Jovovich) returning to where the outbreak began to try to stop the Umbrella Corporation from wiping out the rest of humanity. We can’t say that we’re super stoked for this one, and unless you’re a longtime fan of the series, there’s probably not much here for you.

Resident Evil: Final Chapter opens in wide release Jan. 27.

PAIGE: Strangely, I’ve never watched any of the Resident Evil movies. The games are much too scary for me, so I assumed the movies were the same, I guess. Of course, the movies really are nothing like the games at all…

CHRISTINA: I have seen bits and parts of the first one, and one full movie of one of the ones in the franchise — is it a bad sign that I can’t even remember which one? Probably. I am a sucker for anything with zombies, basically, but I am not even sure I would see this. I feel like the problem with franchises like this is that you have to be a fully dedicated fan to even understand what is happening after the films have been going on for years. I like the idea of Resident Evil — the premise is cool — but I haven’t kept up with the series over the years, and at this point it just sounds like a lot of commitment.

PAIGE: This one just seems like your typical action fare and, in fact, seems pretty light on zombies and big on the Mad Max post-apocalypse vibe.

CHRISTINA: I agree. There does not seem to be enough zombies.

JAIMIE: I could not care less about this movie — I never did get into the earlier films or video games.

PAIGE: It must just be the year for female-led franchise sequels, huh? Kate Beckinsale didn’t do so well with Underworld, but maybe Milla Jovovich will do better with this. The action at least looks more fun than Underworld‘s. It’s still nice she gets the top billing at age 41 as a female action star. The clock’s ticking on how much longer she’ll be able to do that.

JAIMIE: I agree. It’s nice to see Milla Jovovich still kicking ass and leading a movie at an age the movie industry considers old. So if nothing else, at least this movie has that going for it.

NICOLE: I’ve been seeing this trailer on television, and it doesn’t seem appealing at all. The graphics don’t seem super great, either. I don’t have any desire to watch this. Although, I would rather watch this than Rings.

CHRISTINA: I would rather watch anything other than Rings. Zombies are way less scary than a girl crawling out of the TV.