It’s been one year since Metro launched and I started writing this column. Outside of some college magazine work and personal blogging, I’d never published any work before Beyond The Groove. My goal with each week’s column has been to search for stories that go beyond the music itself — untold stories you won’t find in the physical grooves of an album (or in digital 1’s and 0’s), or info you won’t find on a flyer announcing an event. Stories we must dig deeper to discover.

My hope is that my interviews with local bands and artists like The Rightovers, Greenwood, P∆G∑, The Deadbeats, Erin Smith, The Tigers From Niger and Scott Ohtoro have allowed these artists to share something more with readers than what they could learn anywhere else.

It doesn’t feel like a whole year has gone by, but seeing as this week’s issue marks the 52nd column I’ve written here, I figured it’d be an opportune time to reflect (especially on some of the headier, sometimes philosophical stuff that’s been written throughout Beyond The Groove’s existence).

“Music is in excess these days. We can have it anytime, anywhere, any way we like. But how we consume music today is depriving us of the true experience of music … It’s a lot like the holidays. Traditionally, at the end of the year, we take time off and enjoy the company of others. As with music, consumerism has robbed us of these simple joys. More stores are open on Christmas Day. Mega sales seduce us to spend more money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But the more we consume without intention, the less we truly enjoy.” — Dec. 1, 2014

“What really matters the most, I’ve learned, is having fun. If it’s not enjoyable, it’s not worth it. Because DJing, like everything else we do in our lives, should be a fulfilling experience. That I know is true.” — Dec. 15, 2014

“Before long, this music from our Islands that has resurfaced today easily could fall through the cracks of time tomorrow — and take another 35 years for us to rediscover and enjoy.” — Jan. 5, 2015

“Music deserves to be heard, but not just while you’re shopping or doing the dishes or riding an elevator. To fully appreciate music, I believe we need to cut a slice from the pie of life’s daily activities and dedicate it to listening.” — Feb. 23, 2015

“I can stand by a brand that stands by the music, but not one that gets in the way of it.” — April 13, 2015

“Music has the power to travel worldwide, but it always starts somewhere. For us, that’s here in Hawaii, our home.” — July 6, 2015

Thanks for reading, I look forward to seeing where Beyond The Groove and Metro go next.

Roger recently turned his blog into a record label: alohagotsoul.com.