A Few Of Our Favorite Things


Nicole Kato
WHERE TO BUY: The Face Shop in Ala Moana Center

I’m pretty picky when it comes to moisturizers (or anything for that matter), but I feel like I couldn’t live without my adorable little avocado hand cream from The Face Shop. To start, I think it’s essential to say that there’s something definitely wrong with my hands. Sometimes they get really dry, and it drives me insane. Enter The Face Shop’s Protect Me Avocado Hand Cream. One of the things I love about it is the fact that it doesn’t leave that weird slimy feeling on my skin after I use it. I don’t have to worry about the cream transferring onto my mouse, keyboard or anywhere else. The smell also is light and airy, which means coworkers sitting next to me won’t be silently judging me for unleashing such an aroma into our office.


Jaimie Kim
WHERE TO BUY: The Tea Farm Cafe on King Street

Back in March, I stopped in at The Tea Farm Cafe for Gastronome (you can read the story online at metroHNL. com). While I was there, something caught my eye: A delicate glass teacup, complete with a glass strainer that fit neatly inside, and a cover. I didn’t get it that day, but I did go back about a week later and bought one for myself. It has become one of a few things I use at work every morning. It’s made brewing tea incredibly more efficient — and pretty.


James Nakamura
WHERE TO BUY: Treehouse

We have a lot of talented photographers on staff, and I always look forward to seeing the images they capture. A lot of what they bring back won’t make it into print for various reasons, but as standalone images, they often show that “decisive moment” — a split-second collision of gut instinct, composition and timing. It’s inspired image making at its best — so inspiring that I set my eyes on a new camera. However, after eyeballing my budget, I saw my new Canon cross fade to a new Kikkerland Pinhole Camera Solargraphy Kit from Treehouse at Ward. Pretty cheap. It’s made of paper. You fold and assemble it. There’s no optical lens and you have to use 35mm film. To take a photo, expose the film to light that pools in through the pinhole opening. Exposure time varies from a few seconds to a few days. I took a selfie yesterday. Actually, I’m still taking it. I know it’ll be awesome.


Christina O’Connor
WHERE TO BUY: Homecoming Boutique

I bought these a couple months ago at Homecoming Boutique in Chinatown, one of my favorite shops. If pants didn’t occasionally have to be washed, I would wear them every day. They have become my go-to piece of clothing because I feel that you can pair them with pretty much anything — they go especially well with oversized shirts, which is another go-to for me. The skinny cut lends for a nice look with boots or heels. Plus, they are so, so comfortable. Double plus, Homecoming Boutique also has a solid collection of cat purses and other fun accessories — AND even has a little pug who runs around the store.


Paige Takeya
WHERE TO BUY: GameStop at Ala Moana Center, or any major video game retailer

To say that I loved The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt would be an understatement, a gross simplification of fact. This magnificent RPG follows Geralt of Rivia, a monster-slaying Witcher searching for his long-missing ward, Ciri. But that one-sentence summary can hardly begin to capture the sense of adventure and discovery that this massive world provides. Kill griffins! Woo sorceresses! Play Gwent! Who needs real sunshine when you can gallop on horseback through the beautiful valleys of Skellige? (I’m not kidding.) For me, summer has devolved into my equally obsessed friend and I sending each other daily Snapchats of where we are in the game.