Sister Businesses Find New Homes

Joy Masuda tries make up at the beauty bar PHOTOS BY NATHALIE WALKER

Joy Masuda tries make up at the beauty bar PHOTOS BY NATHALIE WALKER

Eden in Love, The Wedding Café and Fred + Kate Events have special places in my heart. Eden in Love has impressed me with a business model that’s focused on philanthropy, while The Wedding Café and Fred + Kate Events played a huge role in making my recent wedding a huge success. The three recently moved out of their joint space in Ward Centers, but what’s even better is that great things are in store for the trio of companies.

Tanna and Bryson Dang will continue on as owners of Eden in Love and transition ownership of sister company The Wedding Café to Lauren and Luke Williams. Meanwhile, Tessa Gomes (Tanna’s sister and former general manager of all three companies) will take over Fred + Kate Events.

Gomes knows how important the “big day” is and strives to assist couples with any speed bumps along the way.

“I want to make sure the overall experience is what they want,” she says. “They’re not just a name to me. It’s getting to know them as people.”

(Here’s a sneak peak: Stay tuned for Fred + Kate Events’ new logo!)

The Williams couldn’t be more excited to move forward with The Wedding Café — the same company that helped them during their engagement.

“Luke likes to say that weddings are the last frontier of small business,” says Lauren. “It’s the one place where small business is really on top … They are the people who do weddings best. The Wedding Café is a resource for brides and grooms — and also for business owners, to get them the best exposure to the brides and grooms.”

Not to worry, The Wedding Café workshops will remain in the mix.

The Wedding Café will continue to sublease from Eden in Love, which has a happy home at a new location in Ward Warehouse on the corner next to Ultimate Foot Store, and Gomes will operate wedding-coordination company Fred + Kate Events from home (or wherever her love-struck couples are).

With Eden in Love, Tanna wants to continue incorporating retail and giving.

“We realized that we wanted to focus heavily on the giving aspect,” she says.

Eden in Love operates a nonprofit arm called Divas Doing Good, which conducts outreach to a village in Sri Lanka and other charitable works.

With all three companies doing well, Tanna knew it was time to make a change.

“We wanted to sell when The Wedding Café was on a high, when it was the most solid,” she explains, “which is why we were able to attract buyers like Lauren and Luke. We wanted to go out when everything felt great to us in our hearts, in our bones.”


A lot of work goes into making Eden in Love’s Black Friday sale a huge hit, and as owner Tanna Dang says, “Black Friday is bananas. It’s like our Black Friday sale becomes contagious. You have to be there.” Here are some of the deals to look for this Friday:

* 6-8 a.m., 50 percent off
* 8-10 a.m., 40 percent off
* 10 a.m. to noon, 30 percent off
* noon to 9 p.m., 20 percent off

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