Sea Glass Collector Launches Jewelry Line

Lauren Seale

Lauren Seale

We see sea glass across beaches all the time. For some people, it’s fun to collect and put in a bottle, and others take a brief moment to admire the smooth exterior and sand-blasted shimmer. For Lauren Seale, her beach discoveries turned into a hobby that has manifested into a jewelry company — SEALEglass — which launched eight months ago.

“I collected all this sea glass and wondered what I should do with it,” says Seale, who moved to Hawaii from Delaware almost three years ago. “I was always buying jewelry, so I decided I should try to make it myself.

“I’ve been teaching myself how to make jewelry, trying different things, playing around with different things.”

Seale first went public with her company at last month’s Holiday ReinBeer Bash at REAL a gastropub. Prior to that, she had sold pieces to family, friends and people who dined at Hula Grill Waikiki, where she works as lead breakfast server.

“It went really well,” says Seale of the Christmas event. “I got a couple of emails and got some other orders. Everyone who came around, if they didn’t buy, they at least took a card and loved the setup, loved the jewelry.”

Seale’s jellyfish line features wire and sea glass arrangements falling delicately from puka shells, which makes for a whimsical effect.

“I started playing around with the wire, and I came up with the design with the different lengths,” she adds.

Each piece of jewelry has a name that reflects a different beach or ocean theme, and custom orders are always a possibility. With five to six staple earring styles, two to three necklace styles and a charm bracelet, Seale can customize any order to fit your needs. This includes tweaking, removing items and adding extra pieces.

Sea glass is featured prominently in all of Seale’s jewelry, and some even include a little heart drilled into a shell.

“I love hearts,” she explains. “I have a tattoo of a heart.” Seale also creates tiny hearts out of the wiring in her pieces. This small addition of does wonders for aesthetics and boasts a feeling of wearing something truly special. She finds the sea glass and shells herself, and the hope is that one day she will be able to feature shells picked from different islands.

SEALEglass once again will be at REAL a gastropub, this time Feb. 7. Find Seale there to snag some last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts for that special someone. A plethora of heart-themed pieces will be available for purchase.

Check out Seale’s work on Facebook ( and Instagram (@sealeglass) or email her at