Mccully Shop Combines Clothing With Music

What started as a small pop-up-esque shop behind a Mobi PCS in 2012 in Aiea has grown into a thriving business that focuses on promoting Hawaii’s underground music scene through avenues such as in-store events, concerts and more. About The Goods is now located in McCully, giving the company better access to its target demographic.

Spearheading the effort (and the shop) are three individuals deeply rooted in the underground music community: Robin Taclas (DJ Revise) heads up the design aspect as director and founder, Jonathan Evangelista (TookHNLA) handles all the duties of being an executive director and Riana Stellburg (DJ Tittahbyte) acts as brand director and marketing guru.

“We wanted a store to reflect what we were interested in,” says Stellburg. “We were all active participants in the hip-hop scene.”

About The Goods’ clothing is designed with an eclectic customer base in mind.

“We were looking for clothes that weren’t being sold anywhere else on the island,” she continues. “For females especially, it’s really hard to find street wear. A lot of it is beach and boho styles.

“We (girls) want soft tees, not graphic tees. You can’t put that (graphic tees) on a girl. We have chests, and it chokes (us).”

In addition to its signature line, About The Goods also carries exclusive, out-of-state brands to create a well-curated collection of goods. (And About the Goods does not reprint any products, so you have to get them while they’re still in stock.)

If Stellburg, Taclas or Evangelista aren’t comfortable wearing or using a product in the store, they won’t sell it.

While they don’t have an online store, Stellburg is quick to note that they have a strong online presence — follow them on Instagram (@abouthegoods), if you haven’t already.

In addition to exclusive street wear, About The Goods plays home to a Secret Record Store annex (which columnist Roger Bong wrote about in our Nov. 12 issue; and you can read it at filled with only the best stuff.

Hand-in-hand with Secret Record Store’s section is a table dedicated to music and hands-on learning.

“Whoever we bring down for events, we let them come here and play,” Stellburg continues, noting that the last two DJs to play in the store were Sosupersam and Esta. “We have a lot of young kids who are just learning, and we let them session and help them out.”

But you don’t have to be into hip-hop to shop at About The Goods.

“The whole point is to make the customer feel special,” Stellburg adds, “and we have something for everyone.”

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About The Goods owners (from left) Jonathan Evangelista, Riana Stellburg and Robin Taclas

About The Goods owners (from left) Jonathan Evangelista, Riana Stellburg and Robin Taclas

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