Entrepreneur Launches Her Dream Company

Tiare Thomas of Aloha Dreamboard with a starter kit for $60 in Akakura House NATHALIE WALKER PHOTOS

Tiare Thomas of Aloha Dreamboard with a starter kit for $60 in Akakura House NATHALIE WALKER PHOTOS

What started as a simple craft project in 2009 turned into much more for Tiare Thomas, founder of Aloha Dreamboard.

A depiction of your hopes and dreams, dream boards are designed to help you visualize and, ultimately, achieve your goals. Thomas’ very first dreamboard showcased a mermaid, the island of Japan, a professional surfer interviewing another surfer and bikinis — along with the words “bikini body ready.”

Within the first two weeks of completing her dreamboard, Thomas noticed amazing things start to happen in her life.

“For me, one of my biggest fears was public speaking,” she explains. “I also got a phone call saying this company wants to interview me in Japan to be on a show (30-minute lifestyle segment). That same week I picked up a bikini sponsor (whose signature was mermaids).”

Thomas has no doubt that dreamboarding changed her life tremendously, and she says she has gone through many transformations over the many dreamboards she’s created.

She shared her successes with friends and helped them create their own dreamboards.

“It worked for me and helped me so much, so I thought it would benefit them,” she explains. “It got to the point where they were telling me to do workshops.”


Thomas started hosting instructional sessions in 2010 and launched Aloha Dreamboard earlier this year.

She’s managed to turn her passions into an entrepreneurial venture, and Thomas still enjoys creating new dreams.

Her daily ritual is simple, yet effective. “Every morning, as much as I possibly can, I wake up and go outside to pray my gratitude,” she begins. “I come back in, grab my dream-board, put it in front of me and go over it. I close my eyes and visualize everything happening as if it’s happening now, and then I meditate.”

What really drives her are the success stories that come flooding in with messages like: “My dream came true.” “I never thought this was going to happen, and now I want to do more.” “I want to dream bigger.”

“That, to me, is worth more than a million bucks,” Thomas adds.


What is one of your favorite business philosophies?

“Inspiring the dreams of children while fulfilling your own.” I love that because it goes hand-in-hand with loving yourself.

The other one is: “The only courage you ever need is the courage to live the life of your dreams.” – Oprah

What’s your favorite food?

Oh, cookies! I love cookies. Chocolate chip cookies.

What have you been up to?

I just went on a dream trip. It was crazy because the boat was called ‘The Dream.’ I got to surf and enjoy just an amazing life over in Indonesia.

Where’s your favorite spot to surf at home?

My home break is Queen’s, definitely one of my favorite breaks. So, Queen’s, Diamond Head. On the North Shore, I like Sunset and I like Lani’s and Chun’s. All the long-boarding breaks.

Any big plans for the future?

I guess maybe to inspire other people about one of my dreams for my business. My dreams have been growing as they’ve been coming true. I’ve been getting bolder with my dreams.

One of the newest things is I want to be on Oprah’s Favorite Things. And O Magazine.

Those interested in creating their own dreamboards (or just hanging out, drinking champagne and eating great appetizers) can check out a private dreamboard workshop Jan. 25 from 2 to 5 p.m. at Akakura House in Waikiki. Other workshops take place Feb. 22, March 22 and April 19.

Aloha Dreamboard kits are available at Akakura House for $60.

Also part of Thomas’ workshops are guided meditation, intention exercises, visualization and feng shui.

Visit alohadreamboard.com for more information, and call 282-5020 to RSVP for the workshop.