A group of imprisoned super villains, including Deadshot (Will Smith) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), are enlisted to fight on the good side for a government mission. While we are mostly excited about this, there are some red flags — like not being able to tell whom our anti-heroes are supposed to be fighting. Still, we’re hopeful that this flick lives up to its hype. Suicide Squad opens in wide release Aug. 5.

PAIGE: For all the hate that DC gets for not being Marvel, you gotta give them credit for taking the occasional risk — as they do here, with a villain-centric movie starring a bunch of minorities and women. And these aren’t even all A-list villains: safe to say that Captain Boomerang and Katana are probably not household names the way Joker and Harley Quinn are.

CHRISTINA: I feel like this movie has been so hyped up for so long. Seriously, I have been seeing trailers for this for what has seemed like forever. I sort of thought that it had already come and gone through theaters. But that said, I think it looks pretty good. I don’t usually care that much about action flicks and I haven’t seen any of the superhero films in recent years, but I would see this. It looks fun.

JAIMIE: Eh, I just can’t bring myself to feel interested in this one. Jared Leto’s antics overshadow everything for me. Like how he sent Will Smith bullets or Margot Robbie a live rat. Or, even better, how he sent cast members parts of a dead pig. There is method acting and then there is just straight up being a crazy person. Like, we get it, you’re the Joker.

NICOLE: I’m torn between feeling that Jared Leto is going too over-the-top with his Joker antics, and that his acting is really how messed up Joker is.

PAIGE: Jared Leto has just set himself up for either utter success or complete failure. He’s hyped it too much. He should’ve shut up about method acting and sending people used condoms or whatever. He can’t possibly live up to this promise. And he has very tall shoes to try and fill given past cinematic Jokers.

NICOLE: I love Margot Robbie, mostly because she reminds me of Jaime Pressly, but also because I think she makes a good Harley. Her hair is also on point, and I wish I could dye my hair like that. I’m not sure how I feel about Will Smith as Deadshot. I’ll leave it at that.

CHRISTINA: One thing that bothered me is that the plot seems incredibly muddled. I feel like I couldn’t really get a clear idea of who/what they are actually fighting.

PAIGE: I’m pretty hyped about this, as I am for all superhero movies, ever (as in I already plan on reserving tickets online). I do enjoy Ben Affleck as Batman to a degree that is moderately embarrassing, and as 3/4 of the characters here are from his rogues gallery, his confirmed cameo should be quite excellent. The film looks like it really embraces its comic origins. While the Christopher Nolan Batman films were good, they seemed reticent to do more than mutter wry lines about crocodiles in the sewers. That kind of stuff is fun and all, but this film actually goddamn put in Killer Croc. And as rumor has it that Affleck is considering setting his solo run as Bats in Arkham Asylum, we can assume that we’ll be seeing a good portion of these villains again, so this isn’t a one-off thing.