Metro-102214-Racked-LT006CARON LING
Ward, Realtor

Realtor Caron Ling, 35, likes when outfits give off an edgy-yet-classy feel — and we think she nailed that look perfectly.

“I like dressing casual, but dressing it up,” she says.

On this day, she wanted to wear jeans and knew that her new pair of black flats would go perfectly.

“It’s so hot and muggy, but then I know I am going to be cold inside,” Ling says. “So I wore this shirt and brought a jacket to look professional.”

The Look: Tory Burch shoes, Dolce jeans, Anthropologie shirt, H&M jacket, Dolce necklace, Louis Vuitton bag


Ward, community organizer

Ever have one of those moments when you lock eyes with a stranger across the room and it just feels right? That’s what happened to us when we saw Vandegrift wearing a cat-in-space shirt. We just knew he was meant to be featured in “Racked. ”

“I am a huge cat person,” he says. “And I just like to be comfortable, but still wear something where I have a little bit of a flair.”

He certainly perfected the feline flair with this tee.

Another neat part of his outfit is his jewelry. He bought the necklace from a homeless man who donates all proceeds from his jewelry to helping others who live on the street. And his earring is a screw.