New candy shop delivers treats in bulk


As a child, I had a nearly insatiable sweet tooth. So when I had the opportunity to speak with Candy Bar Hawaii owner Dirck Noordhoff, I jumped at it.

Located on the bustling Waikiki Beach Walk shopping strip, this establishment exudes a colorful happiness with its ornate display. Passersby continuously stop to take photos in front of hanging displays of candy and little fighting fish that adorn the front window display.

Candy Bar Hawaii is not just for kids. Locals and adults who work in the area stop in on a regular basis to get their candy fix, and thankfully, Noordhoff makes sure to constantly bring in new products for customers to try in bulk.

“We basically turn our inventory every month,” he says.

Indulging in a bulk-candy spree can be a dangerous game, but when the end result is pure bliss, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

And, according to Noord-hoff, utilizing a bulk-candy system produces less waste and is better for the environment.

In fact, at the end of the day, he and his staff remove only one small waste bin’s worth of trash. Cleanliness is a top priority for Noordhoff, and he takes pride in the fact that his shop is spotless every day.

Bulk candy bins, specially designed by Noordhoff, that line the walls to a tune of 3,000 pounds of plexiglass, stay in place via magnet, which makes their removal and cleaning a breeze.

Candy Bar Hawaii was born out of necessity, to hear Noordhoff tell it.

“About six months ago, (we realized) the candy store of our dreams doesn’t really exist,” says Noordhoff, who previously was an executive at various retail stores.

Rather than lamenting the lack of candy stores, he went out and created his own.

It is evident that Noord-hoff enjoys being involved in all facets of his business. He is always more than happy to interact with customers and help in any way he can — even if the help they seek is not candy related. He recalls times when he and his staff have shared with tourists the best places to visit and eat on the island.

While there is no typical day for Noordhoff, he’s totally fine with that. After all, he does have the sweetest job in town.

For more information, visit this sweet paradise online at or follow it on Instagram (@candybar-waikiki).