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When the government decides that superheroes need to be regulated, it divides the Avengers. Captain America (Chris Evans) argues that the new law would not allow them to truly protect people, while Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) bows to the ruling. Soon, the whole team is split into two sides in an all-out battle. We all pretty much agree that this looks great; even those of us who haven’t been following Marvel movies would see this film. Captain America: Civil War opens in wide release May 6.

PAIGE: To say “I want to see this movie” would be the understatement of the century. My pulse accelerates when I watch this trailer. My hands tremble with anticipation. I took the day off from work on May 6 so I can run to Ward first thing in the morning to watch the movie with my sister and then watch it again at night with my boyfriend.

JAIMIE: I hadn’t seen any of the Captain America movies until Paige insisted I watch The Winter Soldier last year, and you know what? The Captain America character kind of became my favorite out of the whole Avengers gang.

CHRISTINA: I have never seen a Captain America movie — actually, I haven’t seen a Marvel movie, come to think of it, which I am sure Paige will find horrifying — but this makes me want to go back and watch them all. I like that it seems to have a rich back-story rather than just being all explosions and punching. As good as I think this looks without having seen any of the other related movies, I am kind of surprised that people’s appetite for superhero movies is seemingly endless. Like, sure, maybe they really are that good, but it seems like there is a new superhero movie every few months. Wouldn’t it be getting a little old or redundant for people who are watching them all?

PAIGE: I don’t think superhero fatigue is a thing just yet, and there’s plenty of diversity in tone, subject matter and hero to make it fun to see every movie. Deadpool was nothing like Batman v Superman, which in turn will be nothing like Civil War, which in turn will be nothing like X-Men: Apocalypse in three or so weeks.

JAIMIE: I am so tired of Iron Man. Or maybe I am tired of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man? The two honestly seem one and the same these days. And so a movie in which Iron Man gets a good ass-kicking appeals to me, and I would watch this movie in theaters … after the hype and crowds disappear so that I can watch it without feeling claustrophobic, of course.

NICOLE: I can’t see Civil War being better than Winter Soldier. Iron Man tends to be my favorite character. Because he’s attainable — you know, if you’re filthy rich and super intelligent. I do find Civil War a little strange only because Stark is bending to the will of a higher power that I can’t see him agreeing with. But hey, Captain America needs a nemesis, so I see where they’re going with it.

PAIGE: Winter Soldier was probably one of the best Marvel movies to date (I’ve watched it 10 times and it remains so good, so close to perfect), so Civil War has some big shoes to fill. It’s going to be tough. They’re balancing a monstrous amount of characters, introducing Black Panther AND Spider-Man, the storyline is only partially lifted from the comics, it’s still gotta fit into the Marvel movie mythos, and again, there are 898,424 different people in this movie. And yet — I think it will work. The Russo brothers will make it work. Chris Evans will make it work. That face he makes, that miserable, hopeful face when Bucky remembers him? It’s just a little thing, and yet there’s so much emotion there. It makes me want to cry.