Local Entrepreneurs Promise To Protect Your Hydro Flask

Last year, I jumped on the Hydro Flask bandwagon when my coworker bought me an 18-oz. container in lychee red. Now, it goes with me everywhere: to the gym, on hikes, to the beach, while running errands or just sitting around at home.

But darkness fell over our co-dependent relationship one morning while I was waiting for the elevator at work. As I tried to grab my phone from my purse, I dropped my Hydro Flask onto the tiled floor, and it now sports a rugged-looking ding on the bottom edge.

Enter HydroSkins, a local company that promises to always “protect your flask” with defensive coverings designed to safeguard your bottle against such incidents.

It started with a simple concept created by partners Van Shiroma and Victor Lo with a dual purpose of safeguarding and personalizing.

“A lot of people like to accessorize with colors, but once you buy a Hydro Flask, it’s just that one color,” explains Shiroma. Currently, HydroSkins are available in numerous colors for 18-, 32and 40-oz. container sizes, with 16and 20-oz. variations coming soon. The company also plans to launch new color options in spring 2016.

Sadly, I found out about the company after my tragic dent event, but I snatched one up as soon as I could. And good thing I did — since then, I’ve accidentally dropped my Hydro Flask down two flights of stairs (on separate occasions), flung it onto the sidewalk and hit it against a tree. My little red flask still has that ding on the bottom, but no additional scratches or dents have appeared.

Switching flask coverings is simple, and you can take them on and off to wash them. So I plan on treating myself to a few more colors this Christmas.

At only 10 months old, HydroSkins already has dozens of retail accounts and has sold tens of thousands of units. And with all that success, the dream is to keep on going. Lo and Shiroma recently brought on sales rep Brad Suzuki and have expanded their online presence to Amazon. Plus, they’ve got plenty of retail partners locally — find them at T&C Surf, McCully Bicycle & Sporting Goods, Oshima Surf, UH Bookstore, Kailua General Store, Bay View Pro Shop, Bike Factory, Navy Exchange and Hawaiian Island Creations, to name a few.

To keep up with Hydro-Skins, visit protectyourflask.com or follow them on Instagram (@hydroskins) or Facebook (facebook.com/HydroSkinsCo).


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