Letter From The Editor

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Today is Thursday, and here’s something that nobody ever says on a Thursday, ever: I wish we could rewind to Monday.

Monday — back when everything seemed hopeful. I think for everyone, whether the election played out in your favor or not, this was a very trying week.

So as I went through the week, it was nice for me that I had the chance to attend a press preview for the new South Shore Market and see the group of local business owners that are set to open shop there. All of the owners seemed truly excited about what was to come. They’ve all spent years working on their businesses and brands, and now here they are, opening up a brand-new storefront.

And for the three that we have chosen to feature here, it’s their very first storefront. See the story here.

For a reflection on the election — and some thoughts on why what happened happened — check out Paige Takeya’s column here. (It’s probably the only time you will hear Donald Trump spoken about in the same breath as superheroes.)

Finally, before we move forward and try to make sense of things to come, I think we all could use a drink. Nicole Kato recently stopped in at the new Moku Kitchen to investigate the drink situation there — and their handcrafted cocktails sound exactly like what I need right about now.