Letter From The Editor


For a lot of people, I think, the Hallowbaloo Music & Arts Festival has become the place to be for Halloween — at least judging by the crowds that I have seen at the event.

I’ve been going to Hallowbaloo for the last five years — mainly because it has a little bit of everything: food and live music at the street festival, and then a great crowd at the bars and clubs through the rest of the night.

I admit, though, that I never have thought of Hallowbaloo as much more than a really fun party.

But in chatting with founder and organizer Mark Tarone this year, he told me about the ways that it impacts the community. It has become a platform for both local artists and area businesses. Intrigued by that concept, I talked with local business owners and other community members, and I found that they also feel that way about Hallowbaloo. By showcasing artists at such a large event and incorporating businesses into layout, Hallowbaloo has helped everyone involved gain new audiences.

As The ARTS at Marks Garage executive director Rich Richardson puts it, “Mark (Tarone) is a true believer in developing an amazing community benefit. To me, he has never really been about selling booze, it’s been creating a beautiful evening that people will remember forever.”

Now if I could just figure out what to dress as this year.

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