Letter From The Editor


Even just hearing Jason Tom speak, it’s no wonder how he has become a widely known beatboxer. His speech is peppered with vocal percussion — in mid-conversation, he’ll suddenly drop a beat.

He’s been performing since 2004, and over the years, he has managed to amass quite a following. Chances are you’ve seen him perform or at least heard his name — he does, after all, have a hand in a lot of different things. Just within the next few weeks, for instance, he has a series of appearances, is battling other local musicians in an ongoing contest, and helping out with an upcoming theatrical production.

We recently had the chance to check in with Tom, see what’s new, what inspires him and what’s to come. See the story here.

Also in this issue, Nicole Kato talks with a local photographer whose specialty is capturing natural moments between couples. Meanwhile, Jaimie Kim stops by the new Tacos Zarate location, and Paige Takeya reflects on what we can learn about our current state of affairs from studying presidential history.