Letter From The Editor

Metro-072916-editorThe documentary discussed in this week’s feature story, Strike A Pose, is a poignant reflection on life after fame, as it follows Madonna’s former backup dancers in the years after their feverish stint working with her.

I’ve watched it and it’s an entertaining, heartwarming-yet-somber film, and you can read more about it — and the two dancers who are en route to Honolulu with the film! — in the story here.

But I’d also like to note that Strike A Pose is just one of a number of films to grace the lineup at this year’s Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival, which takes place Aug. 6-28. Some titles that I personally am excited about include Other People (directed by Chris Kelly, who’s written for SNL and Broad City), Holy Hell (about a cult with Hawaii ties) and 4th Man Out (about a gay man who comes out to his bros). You can read more about these films and many more in the festival insert found inside this issue.

“Asking for any other films I’m excited about is like asking a parent who their favorite child is,” jokes festival director Brent Anbe. “Honestly, I feel like this festival has the strongest lineup in festival history.”

And if Strike A Pose isn’t quite enough ‘90s nostalgia for you (is there ever enough?), also go here, where you can find out what Kevin McDonald from The Kids in the Hall is up to on his upcoming trip here.