Letter From The Editor

Metro-061716-editorMore often than not, going into Waikiki can be a serious pain. Sure, there’s maybe the occasional meal in one of its restaurants, or perhaps a rare staycation. But overall, Waikiki is a place to be avoided. A lot of people I know feel that way.

So that’s why I thought it was so interesting when I started seeing that a bunch of events were suddenly being held at a new Waikiki hotel — the Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club. It seemed that every time I scrolled through Instagram or Facebook, there was another friend promoting another event at the Surfjack.

I had to know what all of this hype was about, so we went down to check it out recently, and we found that the Surf-jack aspires to be not just any hotel, but to incorporate itself into the community. In many ways it’s positioning itself as a platform for local creatives. Much of the art and furniture throughout the property come from local artists; musicians and DJs take the stage there; and its events highlight the work of local creatives and entrepreneurs. For more, read on.

Oh, and then there’s the food. Ed Kenney opened his latest restaurant — Mahina & Sun’s — on the property. Jaimie Kim visited this week and has the lowdown on what to expect — read more here.