SYSTEM-FAILTwo months ago, I took a funny step and something happened to my knee.

When it didn’t stop feeling like there was something wrong after a few weeks of limping on it, I worried that maybe I was turning soft. I’ve had a lot of spills throughout my life and even had a couple surgeries from skateboarding accidents. If I do break bones or get a serious injury, I usually at least have an interesting story about how it happened.

However, getting out of a van is such a lame way to get injured that I almost wondered if there was something deeper wrong. Luckily when I went to the doctor and got my MRI results back, I found out I had torn my MCL and both my medial and lateral meniscus.

While this could seem like bad news, I was relieved that there wasn’t something wrong with my internal pain scale and I wasn’t just being a wuss about it. It’s kind of a weird situation to be stoked that my knee injury was more serious than it could have been, but it also wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been, either. For a youngish adult as myself, minor MCL tears like this can heal to nearly as good as before the injury, which is plenty for what I need my knee to do.

I’ve been instructed to not go too gentle on it, but let pain be my guide as I get it back to speed. I started physical therapy last Monday and as dull as it is to stand on one leg while lifting the other out to the side, it’s exciting to know that soon I can go back to all of the things that I love to do with my legs.

In a parallel prognosis to my knee’s situation, my laptop was diagnosed with a faulty central processing unit. While it is a pretty lengthy procedure with about a week out of work, when it gets back it will be able to do all the things it could when it was new. Heck, I’m even getting a new battery out of the situation, so it feels like a good deal to me. My friend is lending me her old one in the meantime so it’s pretty much like nothing’s wrong, except that the login password and music selection are totally different.

Speaking of a totally different music selection, The Safehouse has been back in action with its ongoing series of Bacardi music showdowns, this time with an Acoustic Battle of the Bands. The finals are Oct. 21, and one of the participating bands is Foreseeable Futures, who I have been seeing all over town lately. I caught them last First Friday and at their Kick-starter kickoff for their upcoming album. (As of press time, there still are a couple days left of the campaign, but the album already is fully funded.)

If you haven’t been to one of these battles yet, this will be a great one to check out.