Lately, I’ve been eating a lot more pizza than usual. It started a couple months ago at Costco, when I decided to get something else besides a hot dog and a drink. I ended up back there a couple times that week and took a slice every time I passed the window.

When I was studying for finals, I wound up at Dominos three times for its $9.99 three-topping carry-out deal. I’ve been going for the Brooklyn-style, and it’s pretty good — a decent thin crust without much to complain about. Then, just a few days later, a delivery driver stopped me and my date while on a neighborhood stroll to tell us she had just been screwed over by a prank caller who ordered 15 pies that she was trying to unload. We cut the walk short and took two home.

Sorting through my junk mail, I came across a flier from Honolulu Pizza, a new place in Pearl City that delivers all the way to Diamond Head. It says it makes its sauce and crust from scratch, so I thought I’d give it a try. The pizza got here in just over a half an hour hot, fresh and delicious, so the flier still is on my fridge as a reminder of a non-chain delivery option.

On Valentine’s Day, my date brought along a pie from Fresh Café that she had customized, adding bacon and buffalo mozzarella to the Beet-It. It was yum at first bite, and she’s been the only girl I’ve gone on dates with since.

Despite my desire for variety, pizza has been a food that I’m nearly always in the mood for. Last Friday, I almost ate a third dinner when I walked past Proof Public House in Fort Street Mall and whiffed a waft of its pies in the wind.

Honolulu has so much pizza. It even spilled out of the ovens and into the theater with a local production at The ARTS at Marks Garage, A Slice Of Danger, produced by the808wonderland and J.J. Dolan’s. (The show wrapped last weekend.) Full of double entendre, alliteration and quips to the crowd straight through the fourth wall, the play was hot and crisp, without being cheesy.

The story followed a private eye (played by Garrick Paikai) on the investigation of a fire at a pizzeria for the play’s femme fatale, Hope Romano (played by Kaitlin Souza), heiress to a Chinatown pizza empire. The script, written by Miss Catwings and Paikai, was full of double crosses, twists and romantic scandals, and had Paikai following every crumb through a city plagued with a plethora of pizzerias. Christina Uyeno and Amrita Mallik covered the remaining six roles with impressive versatility and pizzas — I mean pizzazz.

The truth is, this only skims the crust of my pizza problem over the past couple months. There was a slice at the Mililani carnival, at least four from Boston’s Pizza, that one time at Papa John’s, a slice at Tripler’s cafeteria, and I even snuck a slice from my parents’ fridge.

The scary thing is that I know there are several more I’m forgetting. All this talk about pizza makes me want to eat more pizza.