I’m having trouble remembering what I did last weekend, but it has nothing to do with the effects of alcohol. It’s just that there was so much happening that it was nonstop go, and I didn’t get a moment to relax or regroup.

Friday night started off with a short jaunt to the Punahou Carnival, where I took a twirl on the swings and bumped into some mirrors in the fun house. I went with Lisa Awaya from Keia Dance Movement (pictured above), and we used it as a double-duty meeting to begin planning for this summer’s performance of Past, Past Past and Past, as well as stroll down memory lane, as we are both alums. We avoided the temptation to gorge too hard on food and left within an hour to avoid losing our minds in the crowds.

Mr. JPatt of electronic music group The Knocks was in town from New York for POW! WOW!, and I was excited to see him, since it’d been almost a year since I met up with him. We made a track together that came out Saturday on the POW! WOW! CD that Metro SuperTech columnist/ DJ Super CW Christa Wittmier put together with help from JP Kennedy from The Green, along with tracks from other musical artists including Mass Funk, DJ Packo, Angry Locals, Nick Kaleikini and Kowai Kowai.

JPatt was DJing at a semi-secret loft party hosted by Red Bull Music Academy, so I hit it up to say what’s up. RBMA really went all out this year, bringing out DJ Craze to the Lei-Over party at Buho. DJ Craze is one of the all-time greatest DJs. A three-time consecutive winner of DMC World DJ Championships, he brought drum n bass style to a traditionally hip-hop competition and blew minds. He eventually resigned from the competition. If he hadn’t, who knows? Maybe he’d still be the reigning champion.

After picking up some shades from the lovely ladies at Homecoming Boutique, I headed over to the opening reception of the POW! WOW! festivities at The Honolulu Museum of Art School Saturday evening. The party featured a collection of 100 1×1 pieces curated by Thinkspace Gallery, each by a different artist. The artists all seemed to respond to the limited space by maximizing the detail that they could squeeze into such a small canvas. Some artists did mixed media pieces, while others stuck to paint. The sheer volume and variety of the work was very impressive, with subject matter that ranged from fantastical creatures to romance and street art. It didn’t hurt that DJs Mr. JPatt, Mike D, Super CW and Gotaro were in the mix and shredding the decks.

On Sunday, another Keia dancer, Sachiko Slomoff, was waiting outside to pick me up from Aaron Kai’s A Good Ass Rap Party at Fresh Café, when she ran into Oakland-based rapper G-Eazy, who was getting in a cab to rest up for his show on Monday night at The Republik. He must have liked her outfit, because he put her on the list, and I got to go along with Lisa and KTUH’s Jus Bone from The Got Rice? Show. Bone’s been hitting the streets hard promoting for the upcoming Nujabes five-year tribute show with Shing02 and SPIN MASTER A-1 from Japan.

There is so much going on in Honolulu — and it’s weekends like these that make me wonder why people would possibly want to live anywhere else.