Glamb's new light-up pillows are a part of his recent apartment revamp NICOLETTA BUMBAC PHOTO

Glamb’s new light-up pillows are a part of his recent apartment revamp NICOLETTA BUMBAC PHOTO


A few weeks ago, I decided that it was time to make a few modifications to my living situation in honor of the new year.

My hand-me-down couch’s cushions had become tattered at the edges and were showing some signs of the years of rears that had rested upon their surfaces. I wanted a fresh start, and so I went to pick out some upholstery fabric and settled on a ribbed burgundy with sunflower chevron accents in the troughs. It had a hearty texture that was substantial, but not course, and felt like it would stand the tests of time — plus, it was quite cheap by the yard. I had found a seamstress who was willing to do the needlework for a reasonable rate and decided to go ahead with a reupholsteration-restoration.

I also had recently invested in some light-up pillows to add a little bit of flair to the living room and installed some color-changing LED lights along the ceiling near my windows for a more spirited ambiance.

With all the studying I’ve been doing during the week, I hadn’t had a chance to just relax in my newly improved domicile, and decided that this weekend would be the one that I would make my best effort to avoid the call of the night and stay in, soak in my new comforts and get up well rested to conquer the days.

Saturday got off to a busy start, with a bike ride out to Iwilei to pick up some bolts to reattach my bike’s rear-rack, since the mounting hardware had snapped. I also wanted to install a second brake after some recent near-misses.

I ran into a friend and mutual music aficionado who offered to help me drill out some metal pieces, and we arranged to meet up later that day.

I pedaled back to The Willows Restaurant for a luncheon with some visiting Japanese medical school professors who were in town to check out our school’s teaching style. After an inspiring conversation and several meals’ worth of seafood and prime rib, I met my friend to fix my bike.

Unfortunately, I had to go back to the hardware store and wouldn’t end up finishing my bike until Sunday afternoon. On Monday, I would end up taking my bike over to McCully Bikes where their resident expert, Bill, would undo all my doings and redo them better in about 40 minutes.

While this was a great learning experience in why it’s sometimes worth it to pay professionals, all the tinkering had me tuckered out.

Despite the sounds of techno that were calling me through the night to come and dance, I was pooped and finally felt content to spend a Saturday night in. And so I did: reading about renal disease with grease under my nails on a comfortable couch cast blue by LED.