Pieces from artist Kimba Kerner's ‘Intersecting Visions' PHOTO COURTESY KIMBA KERNER

Pieces from artist Kimba Kerner’s ‘Intersecting Visions’ PHOTO COURTESY KIMBA KERNER


This month has been a big one for pre-Christian contact. It kicked off a couple Wednesdays ago at Studio 114 on North King Street with the opening of Warsaw-based artist Kimba Kerner’s Intersecting Visions, a ceramic exploration into the sacred heritages of Hawaii and Poland. Describing her work, she states, “Over a thousand years ago, Christianity overcame the animistic Polish gods, but there remain very old pre-Christian traditions to this day. As in Hawaiian culture, there are traces and rituals tied to this sacred conception of the world.”

The show featured ceramic representations of deities, demi-gods and demons from Polish traditions, as well as familiar figures of Hawaiian lore, all respectfully stylized by the visiting artist’s deft hand. Accompanying many of the figurines were watercolors that created an ethereal ambiance for the works’ mystical representations.

I was pretty hungry when I arrived and was immediately drawn to the banquet of crackers and dried meats. I doubt that the completion of ceramics would have been celebrated with such a lavish spread of delectables thousands of years ago. While folding a large piece of prosciutto to fit onto a wheat crisp, I briefly pondered how difficult survival must have been in the times when these gods ruled over the souls of men. I figured I could balance a couple pieces of salami on top of a cracker and gave a quick glance to make sure no one was watching. It was delicious.

That Friday, the festivities continued with Party like a Monster’s Garden of Heathens at eleven44. You may have seen the event’s organizer Kaleb Acklin around, unmistakable in his conductor hat. I first met him at Asylum, and from his fashion to his dancing, it’s been clear from the get-go that this guy likes to have fun. I later learned that not only is he an excellent fashion photographer, but also a top-notch DJ. I caught more than a few of his sets at The Crub, so when he announced that he was throwing his first event, I knew I had to be there.

The theme was “humanity’s first dance party, paying homage to our lavish, musically infused lifestyle,” and attendees were encouraged to go in costume as primordial beings or nymphish elves.

I dressed up as a rose gardener and arrived with a bouquet of fine flowers that were ready to blossom on the dance floor. This was one of those events where you dance the whole time and forget what it would even be like to stand still.

DJs OMIA, Ashan and Gnaraly spun selections along side Partius and kept the vibe right the whole time. Kaleb has been studying the scene for a while now, and it’s awesome that he’s bringing his eclectic taste and vibe to the forefront. Be on the lookout for the next Party Like a Monster event, and I’ll see you there.