Gettin’ Jigger With It

Old Fashioned (left) and Moscow Mule KAIT HANSON PHOTO

Old Fashioned (left) and Moscow Mule KAIT HANSON PHOTO

Last month, my husband and I made the difficult decision to end our relationship with cable television, so when the weekend rolls around and football is on, we need a destination to get our fill of good food and better drinks (we always cheer for the underdogs).

With a full evening of Saturday night college football on our agenda, we pulled into Pint + Jigger, which is located off South King Street in an unassuming strip mall. Parking can be a bit of a hassle if you don’t get one of the few spaces in the lot, but thankfully there is a plethora of street stalls available.

As I saddled up to the bar at this renowned craft beer and cocktail bar, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the speed, accuracy and friendly demeanor of all the bartenders — not even a raucous college reunion was throwing them off!

I dove right into the drink menu. Pint + Jigger prides itself on offering a seasonal experience, so its 21 beer taps change with the seasons. I was more interested in the craft cocktails, so I chose to start with the Cynar Daiquiri — a refined refreshment consisting of Banks 5 Island Rum, Cynar, fresh lime and cane sugar. Just watching my drink being made was an experience. It was as if the bartender was a magician making magic happen before my eyes — grabbing a fresh glass, swirling bottles off the shelf, mixing, shaking and ABRACADABRA! The fresh lime practically jumped out of the glass and I was left with a refreshing, sweet aftertaste.

We hadn’t even made it to halftime yet, so my next choice was a classic Moscow Mule, aptly served in a chilled copper mug. I was really starting to understand Pint + Jigger’s “our bar is an experience” mentality. Its Moscow Mule cannot be missed, as it includes fresh slices of ginger to complement the limes.

To celebrate our team winning, my husband and I split The Threesome “Cocktail in a Bottle.” This potent elixir is a hearty combination of Bourbon, Scotch and mezcal in bed together with Ramazzotti and Bénédictine. As I watched our bartender mix, shake and serve our final cocktail, I felt like I was attending an alcohol-based hibachi dinner. The Threesome was a bit too strong for my liking, but I would recommend it to someone who normally enjoys liquor straight up or on the rocks.

I was impressed with the drinks and atmosphere, and I’m already planning a return trip to dive into some of those fried pickles.