From Hall & Oates to Halloween

Last weekend, I went to the Hall & Oates show at Blaisdell Arena. I’ve been listening to Hall & Oates since my parents lent me their cassette to play in my first Walkman back in kindergarten. Their album tracks were so precise and tight; I can only imagine the amount of production that went in to getting the sound just right.

Seeing them live 30 years later, I was surprised by how well they’ve maintained their chops. Sure, Daryl Hall took a couple of the notes down an octave from the album versions, but for the most part, he was spot on. Sometimes I feel like Hall & Oates is underrated compared to bands of the same era like Journey, but I think a lot of that has to do with the karaokeability of Don’t Stop Believing compared to how hard Hall & Oates songs are to pull off successfully. The high notes are super high, and the melodies rise and run beyond the range of most mortals.

It would typically be hard to top a weekend that included a Hall & Oates show, but this weekend is Halloween.

I’m going as a Boy Scout. I ordered patches off of eBay and am sewing them on to a tan work shirt. I got a couple other bells and whistles to hit the town with a striking lady who will be dressed as a Girl Scout. It’s a big step in a relationship when you step out in couple’s costumes, and I’ll admit it hasn’t been an easy adjustment. But I’m sure that Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel or Barbie and Ken have gone through similar struggles when trick-or-treating. But I think it will all be worthwhile when we waltz together through Hallowbaloo. I’m already anticipating comments like, “Can I have a cookie?” or, “Can you help me tie a knot?”

I’m excited about Halloween this year — it’s a chance to dress up, be somebody or something else for a night. Unless you’re an entertainer, you probably don’t get this chance to often, so don’t waste it!