Forked Up


Jimbo Restaurant
1936 S. King St.
Phone number (808) 947-2211

Jimbo Restaurant doesn’t overexert itself attempting to impress diners with unnecessary frills. Instead, uncomplicated flavors illustrating a true know-how of Japanese homestyle cooking really are the showcase here. Its menu includes Japanese udon, both hot and cold, perfect for Hawaii’s moody weather during the fall and winter. Choose from toppings such as snow crab and egg, or simply go for noodles and broth alone. Other specialty items also are available, such as oyako, garlic fried rice and more. A word of advice: Order a side of kakikage (combined vegetables and bits of shrimp deep-fried in tempura batter).


Honu Bakery
1620 N. School St. | 1495 S. King St.
Phone number (808) 842-1588 | (808) 949-1588

It seems that the cuter the dessert is, the better it tastes. And when those sweet treats happen to come in the form of cupcakes decorated as ridiculously cute pandas, brown bears, piggies and more, well, it’s really a done deal. Looking to serve more than just yourself? Take a gander at the bakery’s glass case, where you might see intricately designed Hello Kitty and puppy-dog cakes. Honu Bakery also is host to an extensive selection of baked breads, which include its signature Turtle Bread and other savory items such as a Ham and Onion Bun. Oh, and you may sit there and think you’ll never be able to take a bite out of a smiling animal’s face, but trust us, you won’t regret it.