Forked Up



Ala Moana Hotel, 10 Atkinson Drive 1F4, Honolulu
Phone number (808) 943-1155

YuZu cooks up Japanese cuisine using healthy, quality ingredients. Pictured above is YuZu’s Soy Ginger Karaage. “It tastes like chicken” is a common phrase, but in regard to the modern flock of vegetarian chicken products, it’s often a dubious, conciliatory “close enough!” But this dish — with bits of folded tofu skin, marinated, battered, deep fried, served with ginger soy sauce and a creamy soy yuzu veganaise — pulls off a flavorful, salty, rich and juicy front flip and lands it. In some ways, these morsels beat the real thing, especially when you consider†what other Chicken McEtceteras are really made of.



1286 Kalani St., B102Honolulu
Phone number (808) 843-8109

Utage Restaurant + Lounge combines traditional Japanese and Okinawan fare with local treats. Combo plates, like the one above, allow you to enjoy dishes like Shrimp Tempura, Shoyu Pork or Teriyaki Beef all at one time. Other items include Okinawan Miso Soup and Oyako Donburi. No matter what you decide to go with for the main course, Utage ensures you will have a sweet finish, as all meals include a dessert.