Family-Run Biz Helps With Hydro Flask Transport

Metro-093015-StrictlyBusiness-MAJ808-MR-04Hydro Flask seemingly has taken over Oahu’s hydration landscape, and for good reason: It has been a tried-and-true product for keeping liquids extremely cold — or hot, if you’re utilizing the coffee or food models — all day.

But the container comes in only about a dozen colors, which means customization is a must; and it’s even better when that personalized touch also holds a functional purpose.

Enter MAJ 808 Creations. Created by owner/designer Mary Domingo, MAJ 808 crafts hand-woven paracord handles for Hydro Flasks. In addition to Hydro Flask containers, MAJ 808 Creations’ handles also fit local company 808 HI-DR8’s vessels.

The budding business initially started as a hobby for Mary. (The name is derived from her and her family — Mary, daughter Alyssa and husband Joel.) While the business is only about a month old, it already has garnered a following in Las Vegas and Hawaii island.

MAJ 808 Creations now offers about eight different designs — some more complicated than others. Its mirrored diamond weave is rounded with a diamond image in the center, while simpler designs tend to be flatter. (Check out the full style list on Instagram @maj808creations.) Plus, the cords are hardened during manufacturing to guarantee the handle won’t fall over or lose its shape.

The company also does custom orders — meaning you can get a cord made with your school or favorite sports team’s colors. Trinkets and personalized nameplates also can be added.

Mary Domingo (top) founded MAJ 808, which offers paracord handles designed for Hydro Flasks MISSY ROMERO PHOTOS

Mary Domingo (top) founded MAJ 808, which offers paracord handles designed for Hydro Flasks MISSY ROMERO PHOTOS

Email correspondence ensures that each piece is to the buyer’s liking.

“I even take a photo and send it to the customer so they can give the OK,” explains Joel, who assumed the unofficial role of quality control supervisor. In his words, he’s just nitpicking, but it’s that mentality that sees each piece is made to the highest standards.

“If you customize it and you pay for it, you want it to last a long time,” he says. “As a consumer, I want my order to be perfect and have good quality, nothing less. I like seeing people happy with the quality and also the design.”

And Mary couldn’t agree more.

“We take pride in our products,” she adds.