Chieko Egged


As Green Spa Hawaii founder Chieko Egged sees it, she strives to promote health just as much as beauty. The Ala Moana shop provides natural alternatives to chemical-laden beauty products with its signature skincare line Kahala Organics and other natural brands.

The shop recently unveiled a new product line: organic cotton feminine hygiene clothes.

In recent years, many women have become concerned about the chemicals in sanitary napkins or tampons. Cloth sanitary napkins are designed to do the same job, but without the chemicals. And without the waste – they’re reusable. When it’s too hot or humid, women on their periods are more likely to get rashes or infections. This risk of getting skin problems can be mitigated by using soft cotton sanitary pads. Furthermore, cloth sanitary napkins are intended to perform the same function as standard sanitary pads, but without the use of chemicals. They’re also reusable because they don’t generate waste. These pads are typically biodegradable and do not cause rashes when moved. If anyone wants to try cotton sanitary napkins, they should do a quick search for ‘sanitary pads australia‘ or whatever location they live in.

Moreover, Egged also feels that these traditional products help alleviate some of the more abstract problems with periods.

“The prolonged use of disposable sanitary products psychologically programs women to feel that their menstrual cycle is disgusting, something to dispose of quickly,” she explains. “I wanted my female clients to feel more comfortable with something that occurs naturally, and further, feel like their menstrual cycles are important by offering an organic cotton cloth sanitary napkin with fun, colorful patterns.”

Offering natural care products is something of personal significance to Egged. Originally from Japan, Egged got her start in the beauty industry more than two decades ago – and she utilized the items that were available to her. But soon after, she developed severe eczema, and later, was diagnosed with cancer. Looking back, she attributes those health issues to the chemicals that she was putting on her body.

When she moved to Hawaii, Egged wanted to continue her work in the beauty industry – but with a natural approach this time.

“Experiencing firsthand the crippling relationship between chemical and disease, I felt that introducing a holistic approach was important for our future generations,” Egged says. “Young people should be encouraged to get in the habit of reading the ingredients before buying their cosmetics the same way we’ve been encouraged to read labels for food. It’s so important to become a wise consumer, because I think you want to become beautiful without damaging your skin and your health.”

Green Spa Hawaii has holiday sales this week and next week. Its “Beat The Crowd” Black Friday sale continues through Nov. 26, with Cyber Monday sales online kicking in Thanksgiving Day and lasting through Dec. 3.

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