When 70-year-old Ben (Robert De Niro) gets bored with retirement, he goes to work as an intern for a fashion website founded by Jules (Anne Hathaway). Although everyone initially seems a little unsure of what to do with the senior intern, he quickly makes friends with his colleagues, forming a particularly close bond with Jules.

The Intern opens in wide release Sept. 25.

PAIGE: This film is like The Devil Wears Prada in reverse, except I don’t want to watch it, ever. The trailer’s self-satisfied smugness already annoys me. Look at how wise the elderly are, compared to all these upstart Millennials who don’t tuck in their shirts. Men today aren’t like Harrison Ford! How did we fall so far in one generation? Woe to humanity!

CHRISTINA: That scene where Anne Hathaway was comparing today’s men with Harrison Ford irritated me as well. She was implying that our generation is lesser simply because these guys don’t tuck in their shirts? I didn’t really understand that train of thought.

PAIGE: Also, we’ve talked about this before, I don’t like Hathaway. Of course she would play an uptight CEO who just needs to learn to let loose and be confident in who she is as a person! This is practically autobiographical.

CHRISTINA: Two out of three of the guys from Workaholics? It’s like they needed to fill the office and those guys were there. Not that that’s a bad thing — I like them. I also really love Andrew Rannells, who looks to be Hathaway’s right-hand man. He is hilarious on Girls! And I like Hathaway and am not sure why people hate her.

JAIMIE: I used to like her a lot. She was likable, seemed genuine and very girl-next-door. And then suddenly, right around the time she started gunning for that Oscar, she started to irk me. I still love her in certain things but haven’t felt very kind about recent things she’s done.

CHRISTINA: I feel like this trailer says nothing about Robert De Niro’s character. Why does he want to be an intern at age 70? Why didn’t he just not retire from his job? What did he even do? So many questions.

NICOLE: When he says that Jules (Hathaway) inspires him, I almost cried. It was so cute.

JAIMIE: I do love De Niro, but it seriously throws me off to see him in roles like this when I much prefer him as some kingpin in Casino or Goodfellas.

NICOLE: Now that he’s older, it’s good to see him as an elderly man that apparently does not have erectile dys-function. It made me happy seeing the younger generation befriending an elderly gentleman.

CHRISTINA: It is kind of strange to see the occasionally terrifying De Niro as an endearing old man. Also, maybe this was just me, but it at some points seemed like there was some sort of implied romantic tension between De Niro and Hathaway. Like when he was watching her through the window. You don’t typically watch people through windows simply because they inspire you. Or, you know, for any reason at all.


PAIGE: Well, they do make a point of saying that his equipment is all in fine working order a few times in this trailer …