‘Boss Lady’ Shares Social Media Savvy


Photo by Nicole Kato

As Metro’s social media manager, I was excited to have the chance to interview Erika Jordan, better known as Boss Lady – or Hey Boss Lady if you’re referring to her social media consulting business.

Hey Boss Lady offers a couple of different things, one being social media strategy.

“That would be going over your entire business and seeing what you should be doing online and how you should be doing it and where,” she explains. Jordan offers Facebook ad campaign management, an avenue that’s rapidly growing for marketing professionals and businesses. Social media strategies for businesses can involve a whole host of things; starting with creating relevant content for posts to get more people interested; creating informative and interesting videos using tools like those offered on Promo’s website and others; coming up with optimized ad campaigns for the various platforms that can increase engagement as well as ROI; and a whole lot more than can be listed in a sentence or two.

Sound intimidating? It can be. But Jordan will do it all.

“I create the ads, set them up and watch them flourish,” she notes. (She also takes the time to garner analytics so you can see the extent of your marketing reach.)

Hey Boss Lady also offers a full-service social media package in which Jordan manages all social media platforms and creates content like posts, photos, even interactive video, for each. The company’s mission is to prevent business owners from being tied down to social media – enabling them to focus on actually running their business.

But, according to Jordan, her job extends beyond social media. In her words, she’s all about making valuable connections online. Social media connects one another! Be it a friendly chat across countries, or conducting business online, social media has then and again proved to be an excellent helping tool. Owing to this trend, many brands have moved towards incorporating social media into their business marketing mix. And, if this is something that interests you, then this post from iTonic can be a good starting point.

“One of the first things that I really started focusing on when I first started the business was online networking,” explains Jordan, who moved to Hawaii last summer with husband Evan, a doctor. “I did a lot of online networking on Facebook and LinkedIn, and even some on Google+.”

While her business may be thriving now, that’s something that was almost unimaginable for Jordan not too long ago. While working as a recreation marketing coordinator at a hotel in South Carolina, she made the decision to move to Michigan to be with Evan, who was then her fiance.

“I was searching for jobs and couldn’t find anything that I was passionate about,” she recalls. Eventually, she settled for a secretarial position with the mindset that the job would only be temporary.

“I hated the job,” she admits. “I hated every minute of it.

“I knew I had to do something, and I knew I didn’t want to work at a desk job for the rest of my life.”

With prior social media marketing experience from her job in the tourism industry, Jordan began researching the topic on her own. She found out that social media marketing, an extension of digital marketing is an effective marketing method in the modern world. Business and service industries equally make use of marketing campaigns in social media. Those in law and dental professions are also no exception as they hire digital marketing agencies like SERP Co (https://serp.co/services/marketing/lawyers/) to increase their digital visibility to the right clients.

Jordan took on more and more clients, and within a year, was able to quit that secretarial job.

Her clients couldn’t be happier. Jordan’s expertise has saved them countless hours and numerous headaches.

What makes it all worthwhile for Jordan? Hearing these words: “You’re making my life so much easier.”

“I hear that from all my clients,” she says.

Another benefit for Jordan is her ability to work remotely.

In fact, Jordan and her husband recently returned from Malaysia and Thailand, where they spent two weeks taking in the sights.

“I have the freedom to choose when I work and where I work from,” she adds.

For more information on Jordan’s business and a full list of services, check out heybosslady.com.