Bo Knows Booze

Metro-031116-BarkeepI love a place I can walk into and instantly feel like I’ve joined a gathering of my closest friends. For me, this place is Uncle Bo’s Pupu Bar & Grill. A favorite among locals for years, Uncle Bo’s is welcoming and accommodating — and on top of this great atmosphere, it’s got great food, and most importantly, great drinks.

Located at 559 Kapahulu Ave., Uncle Bo’s is open from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. daily. Parking can be a little difficult, but it’s possible to score prime street parking right up front if you arrive early. I like to snag a place at the bar, but there isn’t a bad seat in the house, and if you’re with a larger group, the back room is fun. A second location opened in Haleiwa recently as well for when you need a tasty way to wrap up a North Shore adventure.

Now, on to the drinks … I am a sucker for the Hawaiian Iced Tea, crafted with New Amsterdam gin, Three Olives vodka, Malibu rum, pineapple juice, homemade citrus sour and Sprite. I order it first every time. It’s everything I want in a cocktail — strong flavor with great taste and a little bit of fizz. This cocktail is not for the weak of heart, though, so select something else if getting an immediate buzz is not on your agenda.

The Honey Ginger Bliss is another favorite of mine. A delectable concoction of Wild Turkey American Honey whiskey, ginger slices and house-made lemonade, it is a refreshing cocktail that tastes especially good after a long day at the beach.

If you’re a Moscow Mule lover, don’t miss the Molokai Mule (pictured). A mixture of Kai Young coconut soju, fresh-squeezed lime and ginger beer, it’s served in a chilled copper mug with just the right amount of ice.

And if you take my advice and down all three drinks in one trip, you’re going to need some appetizers to soak it all up in between rounds. I recommend Bo’s Big Nachos, which are made with crispy won ton chips, and the Boca Rota, which is garlic cheesy bread with prime rib strips, mushrooms and mozzarella. You can thank me later.