Tourist Trapped At The Trump: One bar, endless fun


The name “Trump” brings images of glitz and glamour to my mind. But it also can be an intimidating name to hear. I didn’t let that stop me from exploring the luxurious Waikiki tower on a recent weekend. Don’t let it overwhelm you; it’s worthwhile.

The first stop for me was the bar (of course), located on the lobby floor: Waiolu. I was taken aback by the empty room during happy hour, but I was greeted by a bartender as soon as I sat down. She explained the happy hour menu and then slid a tray of wasabi peas in front of my friend and me. I have never been given wasabi peas at a bar — I’m used to peanuts — but this was an excellent alternative. The saltiness had a similar effect as bar nuts and kept me from drinking too much too quickly.


Once well-versed in the menu, I decided to order the Lanai Breeze (pictured above), a combination of Grey Goose Cherry Noir, caramelized pineapple puree and a splash of Grenadine. My friend ordered the Lanikai Shore (pictured above, left), which contains Japanese shochu, sweet and sour, mango puree and soda.

The drink itself was rivaled by the presentation — it was served with a small flower garnish and the color was vibrant. Our bartender explained that this “liquid artistry” was inspired by the sunset. I’ve never tasted a sunset, nor will I ever be able to, but I imagine that the Lanai Breeze and Lanikai Shore come close. Both drinks were smooth and each had the right balance of fruit-iness and alcohol. Plus, the bartender didn’t take away from the taste by adding too much ice.

These are topping the charts of my favorite drinks ever. And they’re only $9.