A ‘Strange’ Superhero Flick



The latest Marvel movie introduces us to a new hero in Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), a neurosurgeon who’s equal parts brilliant and arrogant. But when a terrible accident renders his hands worthless, he can no longer do his job. Strange embarks on a journey of healing and discovers a hidden mystical world. We all agree that this film looks markedly different than other superhero flicks — for better or worse. Doctor Strange opens in wide release Nov. 4.

NICOLE: I like the whole concept behind the movie, and I think the graphics look great. I had no desire to watch Civil War or Batman v Superman, the latter of which was terrible, by the way. But I definitely want to see Doctor Strange. Even though there it seems like there have been so many superhero movies coming out in theaters, this one stands out for some reason.

JAIMIE: This is the one Marvel film I have been looking forward to, and I would pay to see Doctor Strange in theaters. Admittedly, I know pretty much nothing about the character, but whatever. Nicole is right, this one feels different. It seems so much more compelling than say, Iron Man. I am so sick of Tony Stark.

NICOLE: Benedict Cumberbatch is totally perfect as Doctor Strange.

JAIMIE: I’m also looking forward to Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange. I’ve only recently discovered how great he can be in a role, and I’m even warming up to his face. But the greatest thing about sitting through Doctor Strange in theaters will be hearing his voice. Seriously, the man should be doing audiobooks and voiceover work.

PAIGE: It’s funny that I, probably the biggest Marvel fan on staff, is the least excited about Doctor Strange. He’s kind of a weird choice. He’s not an incredibly engaging hero. Why are we wasting time on him when we could be having our Black Widow film? Did we really need one more white dude hero? He’s not even the most interesting of the white guy heroes. And yet, here we are.

JAIMIE: The rest of the cast seems pretty solid. I feel meh about Rachel McAdams, but Tilda Swinton and Mads Mikkelsen I am so excited about.

NICOLE: I agree. Rachel McAdams isn’t that exciting. I can’t remember the last thing that I liked her in.

JAIMIE: Mean Girls. I definitely liked her in Mean Girls, but then that might be it.

PAIGE: She’s been doing great stuff lately! She was in Spotlight and all that. She’s doing her thing. Leave her alone.

CHRISTINA: I have somehow never seen any Marvel movies, despite the fact that pretty much every other movie that is released is a Marvel movie.

I’m not sure that this one is the one that will bring me into the franchise, though. I will give it that it looks different than many of the other superhero films — the trailers of which all begin to blend together for me — but I don’t know if it looks that interesting. I think I stopped paying attention halfway through. It looks like a mix of Inception and The Last Samurai.

PAIGE: I’m sure it will be good (such a great cast) and I’m going to see it this weekend, but like, whatever, you know? Marvelception the movie is just another cog in the machine.